If you have questions re: upgrading to Avaya’s Diagnostic Server 4.0 you’ve come to the right place. Listed below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions re: this upgrade. As an existing customer, it should help guide your decision. Please connect with one of our experts should you have more questions about the upgrade or would like to speak with an Avaya expert.

Avaya issued an End of Support notice in Jun-21-21 in accordance the Avaya Product Lifecycle Policy.  Avaya will no longer make commercially available or support SAL Gateway 3.x, Policy Manager 3.x, and SLA Mon Server 3.x. Note that SAL Gateway 3.x and SLA Mon Server 3.x are packaged together as Avaya Diagnostic Server 3.x. Policy Manager 3.x is a separate software application used with SAL Gateway 3.x. End of support date for 3.x was Dec-31-22. 

To deliver new features and latest security and technology updates, Avaya is introducing Avaya Diagnostic Server 4.0 (which includes SAL Gateway and SLA Mon Server packaged together) and Policy Manager 4.0.

With the announcement of End of Support for SAL Gateway 3.x, Policy Manager 3.x, SLA Mon Server 3.x., Diagnostic Server 3.x, Policy Manager 3.x, Avaya will not provide any new development for the product. This means:

  • No security updates (corrective fixes for security related issues typically identified at the operating system or kernel level) will be made available. 
  • No new bug fixes (corrections for software defects delivered via patch, service pack, security update or feature pack and corrections to hardware defects as needed) will be made available.
  • No new or modified features or capabilities will be made available. 
  • Risk of incompatibility and impact in functionality with new releases of Aura and other products in the future.

For these reasons, NWN Carousel is strongly recommending that customers upgrade to the new release so that they are not subject to increased security vulnerabilities and risk. 

Alarming and remote access capabilities through SAL Gateway will continue to function as they do today but if there are any issues found that require a patch or application update an upgrade will be required.

Yes. We’re happy to consult with you on the various options.  This work is not service affecting.  During the migration, the system cannot be accessed remotely, and it cannot send alarms proactively. After you complete the implementation, we can schedule testing to ensure the migration is complete.

Yes, you do.  This migration provides new features and latest security and technology updates, Avaya is introducing Avaya Diagnostic Server 4.0 (which includes SAL Gateway and SLA Mon Server packaged together) and Policy Manager 4.0.

No, migration of the SAL does not impact the service or operation of your Avaya platform.  During the migration, when the current SAL is removed and moving to the new release, neither NWN Carousel or Avaya will be able to remotely access your system, nor will the system proactively alert Avaya or NWN Carousel.  The work can certainly be done within business hours, and we suggest performing within business hours, so testing can be done more readily.

Avaya is keenly focused on providing the highest level of security for its customers. Diagnostic Server 4.0 is the most secure gateway yet.


  • SAL Gateway has been enabled with features to provide better serviceability to the SAL Gateway
  • Gateway automatically sends test alarms to SAL Core and BP Hosted
  • Gateway to regularly check the connectivity of all devices added onto it and notify 
  • Core / BP hosted is any failures are detected
  • Changes for PIR API support
  • Moved the GW presence checks to SAL Core
  • Enhanced polling API
  • Secure Access Link Virtual Appliance Release 4.0 includes SAL Gateway 4.0
  • Operating system version upgrade Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4
  • Java run time OpenJDK 1.8 JRE
  • Security enhancements OS related security fixes and security patches for other packages

We have the details on your current SAL configuration and can explain your various migration options. Please send a request to SALMigration@carouselindustries.com or complete the form here.

While we expect to turn around quotes very quickly, we do expect some delays due to volume. Please expect 5 – 7 business days.

Scheduling intervals will vary based on volume. We have assigned an experienced full-time Project Manager to oversee the SAL Migration program. This person will work with you and our technicians to schedule the work as soon as it’s convenient.

Installation and testing times will vary somewhat based on the chosen migration option. We expect completion time to average between 1.5 to 3 hours.

Please submit inquiries via email to SALMigration@carouselindustries.com. We will respond as soon as possible. For the fastest response, just fill reach out to an expert through this form.

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