There are many options available when it comes to tapping into the power of the cloud. But handling cloud technology yourself can be expensive and time consuming. A partnership with a managed cloud hosting services provider addresses these challenges and delivers benefits that are difficult to achieve on your own.

Whether you’re finding your use for existing cloud services growing over time or your organization wants to dip a toe into the cloud waters by migrating just a small portion of your workloads or applications, managed cloud hosting services may be the right solution to move your technology strategy forward.

For businesses considering cloud, below are some key signs that a managed cloud hosting service is right for you.

1. Your internal IT team can focus on high-value tasks.

Between administrative responsibilities, providing end user support, and executing other technology projects, it can be difficult for in-house staff to take on additional work to maintain cloud resources, too. A managed cloud hosting services provider moves those activities off your shoulders, freeing up your IT personnel for higher priority, higher value efforts.

2. Your capital funds can be used elsewhere.

 Deploying, maintaining, and upgrading cloud technology often requires significant upfront and ongoing investments. By leveraging managed cloud hosting services, your organization can transition recurring costs to the opex budget and utilize your capex money for other strategic initiatives. You’ll also reduce monthly costs with a consumption model, only paying for the cloud resources you actually use. 

3. Your security talent can be leveraged more strategically.

Keeping abreast of emerging security threats is a monumental task and security talent is so difficult to find in today’s marketplace that you need to be sure your internal resources are used most effectively. But security is one area you can’t overlook. An experienced managed cloud hosting services provider will oversee the security aspect of your cloud, ensuring your defensive posture is appropriate and that the right protective measures are deployed and configured correctly.

4. Your usage metrics will be more accessible and useful.

Without accurate and up-to-date insight into how your organization is utilizing its technology resources, your return on investment and the effectiveness of your IT spend will never be fully known. A managed cloud hosting services provider with a deep knowledge of the technology will make meaningful data available that helps you see how efficiently and effectively your organization is making use of your cloud resources. Does it make sense to migrate additional workloads to the cloud? Are there opportunities to get additional value from the cloud resources that are available to you? Is the allocation of resources aligned with your highest priority applications? That insight enables you to optimize your cloud usage and drive better results. 

5. You’ll have more flexibility.

With a trusted technology advisor managing your cloud resources, you have greater agility to implement the choice of your managed cloud structure that works best for your organization at each stage of its evolution. Private cloud, hybrid cloud, public cloud—you’re nimble enough to reap the benefits that are most meaningful to your business. And you won’t need to make large financial investments in separate technologies to move your enterprise forward.

6. You’ll have more technology available at just the right time.

Through your partnership with a managed cloud hosting provider, you’ll have access to additional cloud computing solutions that would be difficult to deploy and complex to manage on your own. Along with scaling up your resources as your business needs change, you’ll also be able to choose the very best technology for the applications and workloads that are most important to your company’s mission.

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