Businesses have leveraged Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities for years and the use of these devices – sensors, monitors, and other smart technologies with Internet connectivity – is exploding. Unlike cell phones and laptops, IoT devices aren’t usually linked to any one user. Instead, they’re the communication component in a heart monitor that lets hospital staff know when a patient needs help, for example, or they’re embedded in manufacturing equipment to sense when operating temperatures are out of spec. IoT devices are increasingly popular in nearly every industry, from aerospace to education, healthcare to heavy construction, and everything in between.

As the volume of IoT devices grows, so do the risks those endpoints add to your environment. Most IoT hardware includes little (or zero) built-in security and very few are capable of supporting added tools or software to help protect them. Each represents a potential opening for malware or other attack vectors, yet the expanding sea of vulnerable endpoints – ranging from a few dozen devices to tens of thousands in a single network – is difficult to monitor and even tougher to manage. And when your end users begin plugging IoT devices into the network without IT’s knowledge, any hope of maintaining a strong security posture begins to fade. The time required to individually identify, vet, categorize, and monitor every IoT device is simply too much.

How can you keep your network secure as IoT devices flood into the environment?

Your business needs a strategy that’s simple enough to execute but robust enough to be effective. Ordr’s Core platform provides that blend of simplicity and capability, helping you gain control over IoT devices without an overwhelming time commitment. Powerful and quick to deploy, Ordr hunts down IoT devices on your network, categorizes them, and shows you what they are, who they’re talking to, and what they’re doing.

To help organizations master their IoT dilemma, right now Ordr is offering the IoT Discovery Program 30-day free trial. You can test Ordr Core’s usability – its power to deliver insight into IoT activities as well as the ability to launch it quickly and use it effectively – for yourself.

It’s simple. Deploying the Ordr sensor is as easy as removing it from the box and plugging it into your network. No big configuration effort.

It’s quick. In just minutes the sensor will already be at work, rooting out IoT devices within your network. No need to wait days for traffic reports to begin coming in.

It’s powerful. Ordr discovers traditional IT assets but it also finds wearable tech, old devices you may have forgotten about, components that were added to the network by other departments – devices you didn’t even know existed.

Ordr presents information about what’s happening on your network in a way that’s easy to understand. It also automatically categorizes the devices it finds and displays flows. You don’t need to be familiar with every environmental sensor or door actuator. Ordr tells you what the devices are and what they do, even who they’re talking to. You may discover devices you never would have known about if you hadn’t plugged Ordr into your network.

You gain true visibility into your IoT frontier.

Ordr doesn’t just do the early work for you. Yes, it uses simple sensors and its powerful database of devices to monitor the network in real time and automatically assign categories when it spots something new. Equally important, Ordr also solves a big Day Two challenge for enterprises struggling to keep pace with an IoT device list that’s constantly growing. In businesses where other departments may add IoT components to the network without IT’s involvement, maintaining control over all those devices is even more overwhelming – and more critical.

You can take control of your IoT environment right now. Check out the free 30-day trial with the IoT Discovery Program offered by Carousel and Ordr. You’ll receive access to the Ordr dashboard and a zero-touch sensor that’s quick and simple to deploy. Ordr’s powerful solution and Carousel’s deep expertise will be behind you at every step to simplify the complexities of IoT device security, and at the end of your trial you’ll receive a complete IoT Discovery Report.

What will you see when you add Ordr to your network?