Blog | 06.11.2024

Balancing Human and Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Modern Work

The combination of human skill and artificial intelligence is redefining the “art of the possible” in the modern workplace. The pandemic kickstarted the evolution in workstyles, forcing organizations to adapt and innovate to enable a work-from-anywhere approach. At NWN Carousel, we believe that the true potential and next evolution of hybrid work lies at the intersection of human expertise and AI-driven capabilities. This is driving the work evolution from hybrid to more flexible modern work using AI to supplement our natural capabilities.

“AI is the largest service opportunity in my career. You can buy AI capabilities but it requires the process and data models and people with the right expertise to implement it.”

Jim Sullivan, CEO, NWN Carousel

The convergence of these two forces is redefining the way we work. Employees are no longer just working; they’re working alongside AI-powered tools inside and outside the physical office that amplify their creativity, productivity, and collaboration. AI-powered managed services can serve as both a technology advantage and a strategic opportunity for businesses to remain competitive and sustainable.

Gartner forecasts organizations that clearly prioritize AI use cases and match them to business outcomes are more likely to have successful AI initiatives. The Gartner survey found that 9% of organizations are AI-mature, distinguished by their focus on four key capabilities:

  1. A scalable AI operating model balancing centralized and distributed capabilities.
  2. Systematic AI engineering for building and deploying projects.
  3. Investment in upskilling and change management.
  4. Emphasis on trust, risk, and security management (TRiSM).

Exploring the Ripple Effects of the AI Boom

“AI collaboration features like automated scheduling, intelligent task allocation, predictive analytics, and enhanced search functionalities will become more common, aiming to boost productivity and decision-making.”

Alvaro Riera, VP, UC&C, NWN Carousel

“AI in some form within your organization, within your infrastructure, is being used for foundational physical facilities, networking, compute, storage, virtualization technologies that support the workloads whether on-prem or in cloud.”

Chris Poe, VP, Intelligent Infrastructure, NWN Carousel

“AI in the office can help leverage how conference rooms are used to help with efficiency and improve meeting equity regardless of working from the office or remotely.”

Brian Fichter, VP, VCW, NWN Carousel

Synergy that emerges when skilled professionals work with AI

As we navigate this new model, it’s important to recognize that modern work is no longer just about blending work and life or switching between physical and virtual environments. Modern work can support the convergence between human intuition and AI-driven insights. It’s the synergy that emerges when skilled professionals work alongside AI-powered managed services to:

  • Amplify Intelligence: AI-powered tools enhance human capabilities, amplify insights, and accelerate decision-making.
  • Optimize Efficiency: AI-driven automation streamlines processes, freeing human workers to focus on high-value tasks.
  • Enrich Collaboration: AI-enabled tools foster seamless communication, ensuring transparent, and secure collaboration across the globe.

Supporting over 5,000 organizations in North America, NWN Carousel empowers customers with innovative AI-powered managed services through our EMP service delivery model, covering the entire technology lifecycle. Our services include Contact Center solutions with virtual agents, AI-powered PCs with Microsoft Co-Pilot, and Intelligent Infrastructure with AI-driven cybersecurity, all designed to harmonize human potential with AI capabilities.

The future of modern work is not just about embracing AI; it’s about accelerating the employee and customer experience. It’s about empowering workers to be more productive, creative, and resilient. 

Evolution from hybrid to modern work

At NWN Carousel, we’ve closely followed the shift from hybrid to modern work. Just as hybrid cars revolutionized the automotive industry with efficiency, performance, and sustainability, modern work is transforming how people work. It’s not just about flexibility; it’s about leveraging technology to boost creativity, accelerate productivity, and achieve exceptional performance.

By embracing the flexibility and agility that modern work enables, business and IT professionals are setting their organizations up for exponential growth in the adoption of Artificial Intelligence across industries. As AI becomes increasingly adopted, it’s poised to have an exponential impact on the way business and technology professionals design the modern workplace.

As AI-powered tools and technologies become more accessible, we’ll see a surge in innovation, disruption, and transformation. The future of work will be shaped by the marriage of human expertise and AI-driven capabilities. As we embark on this journey, we’ll need to focus on developing new skills, processes, and architectures that enable seamless collaboration between humans and machines.

At NWN Carousel, we’re committed to empowering our customers with the tools, expertise, and vision to navigate this new landscape. We’re dedicated to helping organizations harness the power of modern work and AI to accelerate innovation, drive growth, and create new opportunities.

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