Two months into 2017, IT finds itself in a challenging yet invigorating time. IT leaders have never had such a wide range of solutions at their disposal, which can be a bit overwhelming but also exciting, as new technologies offer opportunities for IT to help transform the way their colleagues work and gain influence across the organization.

Organizations are looking at everything from CRM platforms to Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems to productivity solutions like Office 365 to improve business processes. But in all of the excitement to adopt cloud-based applications, many organizations are neglecting to address underlying connectivity issues, specifically with regard to bandwidth management.

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The concept is quite simple: when applications are moved to the cloud, organizations have to be able to access those solutions seamlessly. But because it’s such a basic concept, it tends to be overlooked. Many organizations don’t think about how moving applications to the cloud will impact their bandwidth needs; that’s why you often see network and bandwidth challenges listed among the top SaaS roadblocks.

Let’s take Office 365 as an example. If your organization migrates without accounting for bandwidth, Office 365 is going to be slow and users will have a subpar experience. Poor user experiences lead to poor adoption rates, which leads to a number of negative consequences for IT, including difficulties justifying the cost of the application or reputational harm across the organization.

Of course, different applications have different loads and therefore have their own unique bandwidth requirements. Understanding what those requirements are (and just as importantly, figuring out how to cost-effectively address them) can be tricky, which is where partnering with an organization may be beneficial. In addition to bringing vast experience with telecom carriers and connectivity issues to the table, we are also able to leverage our internal team of engineers, many of whom are experts in the cloud-based applications your organization may be looking to deploy. This allows us to take a 360-degree view of your project, which differentiates us from many of our competitors.

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So if you are considering deploying a cloud-based application—or have already rolled one out and are experiencing pains—feel free to reach out to us directly by clicking the button below to discuss how we can ensure your deployment goes off smoothly and adoption is a success.

And above all else, be sure never to let bandwidth slip through the cracks.