Blog | 12.18.2023

Best Company for Women to Work by Comparably, Strong Women of the Channel Attendance

NWN Carousel’s recognition as the Best Company for Women to Work by Comparably occurs for the first year with a strategic focus on building an inclusive and diverse workforce through NWN Carousel’s leadership development programs including Stronger TogetHER Empower Leadership and the Women of the Channel Leadership summits. This also includes a strong showing of veteran female hires from military hiring incubator, Head Lamp. At NWN Carousel, women make up 30% of the workforce accounting for higher than industry benchmark.

Employees from NWN Carousel attended The Women of the Channel Leadership Summit East. Discover what attendees had to say about the exceptional breakout sessions, networking opportunities, and inspiring keynotes. This summit serves as a valuable gathering for women across the IT channel who aspire to advance organizational diversity, establish unparalleled connections, and empower and foster women leaders.