Blog | 07.02.2024

Bridging the Digital Divide: How NWN Carousel’s AI Athletics Day Transformed Baltimore’s Youth

NWN Carousel and knowledge partner, Intel, recently traveled to Baltimore to help young students unlock the potential of artificial intelligence in the world’s first AI Athletics Day. The inspiration for AI Athletics Day was ignited at NWN Carousel’s Sales Kickoff event in Hollywood, FL. Our Business Architect, Michael Greenbaum, captivated me with his family’s remarkable story. He recounted how technology played a pivotal role in shaping the life of his adopted son, Sean Ryan, now a wide receiver for the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens. “I saw from Sean very early on the ability to give him up-to-date technology and how it expanded his world. It changed everything for him,” Michael Greembaum, Sean’s adoptive father, said.

Led by NWN Carousel in partnership with Intel’s Digital Readiness Program, Baltimore City Recreation and Parks, and the Sean Ryan Communities of Care initiative, The AI Athletics Day at Greenmount Recreation Center in Baltimore aimed to introduce underserved youth to the transformative potential of artificial intelligence using interactive activities on the latest AI-powered PCs.

Activities and Workshops

“Our 60 campers today experienced a two-hour workshop on what AI means and how they can utilize it in their everyday activities,” said Reginald Moore, Director of Baltimore City Recreation and Parks.

Ages 8 to 15 years old engaged in various activities leveraging AI technology, including solving puzzles, participating in pattern-based challenges, and collaboratively creating stories. These activities were designed to demystify complex technological concepts and inspire curiosity about neural networks and AI applications.

We organized four different activities where Sean Ryan and educators from Intel used AI PCs and physical exercises to teach kids about neural networks. These activities focused on teamwork and exploring complex technology concepts. Intel’s Anshul Sonak, Global Director, of the Digital Readiness Program, energized the audience by explaining the fundamentals of microchips and how our brains process information not unlike AI.

Community Impact and Vision

“When I got my NFL opportunity, I wanted to give back to the community. My name will live on, and I want to impact my culture positively,” said Sean Ryan.

The lab’s development will include collaboration with Baltimore City to design a comprehensive curriculum tailored to enriching educational experiences through AI technology.

The AI Computer Resource Lab

Working closely with our knowledge partner, Intel, we announced plans to transform the existing computer lab at Greenmount Recreation Center, in inner-city Baltimore, into an AI Computer Resource Lab. The lab, set to begin production in the summer of 2024, aims to revolutionize learning opportunities for local youth.

The latest-generation AI PCs donated by NWN Carousel, through generous partnerships, will empower kids to learn coding and demystify AI. We hope this initiative will nurture the next generation of computer scientists or engineers.

Inspiring the Next Generation 

The AI Athletics Day and the upcoming AI Computer Resource Lab represent a significant step toward bridging the digital divide and fostering technological literacy in Greenmount. With support from NWN Carousel, Baltimore City, and community leaders, this initiative promises to empower local youth and pave the way for a more technologically inclusive future.

Stay tuned for more updates as the AI Computer Resource Lab at Greenmount Recreation Center prepares to transform the educational landscape through innovation and opportunity.