NWN Carousel Celebrated for Best Sales Team – Top Comparably Award for 2023

NWN Carousel has recently been named Best Sales Team for 2023 by Comparably! As an organization dedicated to supporting our employees and customers through cloud communications and a hybrid work experience, we are honored to take the top spot on this list among past and present awardees including RingCentral, Zoom, Insight Global and more. Read the full ranking here.



Rise of Women in Tech Leadership – Part II

In Part II of The Rise of Women in Technology, we highlight several NWN Carousel women breaking down barriers and making their mark in the tech industry. We discuss the importance of finding a mentor in the field early-on in one’s career. We also delve into the career paths of each of these leaders, the challenges they faced and overcame, and the impact they’ve made. Read on to learn firsthand how these women are serving as inspirations to others and demonstrating the importance of dedication and hard work!



Rise of Women in Tech Leadership – Part I of II

In honor of International Women’s Day, we celebrate NWN Carousel’s fearless female leaders. Despite facing significant challenges and barriers, women have played a vital role in shaping the tech industry and pushing it forward. In honor of this day, our company is proud to celebrate the women who are leaders in technology within our organization. These women have not only achieved remarkable success in their careers but have also paved the way for future generations. We delve into their career paths, the challenges they faced and overcame, and the impact they’ve made. Read on…


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Replay: Simple Strategies to Secure your Hybrid Workforce!

On our recent webinar “Simple Strategies to Secure your Hybrid Workforce,” cybersecurity experts from NWN Carousel and Fortinet made one message clear:

Your workforce environment may change but your security posture should not!

Panelists dispelled the myth that security teams alone can lead their companies through the hybrid work transformation. IT and business leaders must work together to establish an optimal operating technology stack that simultaneously keeps their organizations secure and their workers productive.

If you missed the live webinar or want to revisit the content, we are pleased to share the replay on-demand!



2023 Hybrid Work Tech Trends – Part II of II

The evolving nature of the customer and employee journey along with as-a-service consumption models will cause many organizations to buy, implement, and adopt technology differently in 2023. In Part II of our technology predictions blog, NWN Carousel leaders identify top trends in 2023. What technologies are the most important trends that business and IT leaders should be prepared for? This week we focus on Security, Advanced Technology Solutions, and Devices. Read on…



2023 Hybrid Work Tech Trends – Part I of II

NWN Carousel’s 2nd Annual Tech Trends Series explores the impact of emerging technologies on groundbreaking hybrid work innovations and business strategies. Our Offering Leaders share what’s happening now, describe what’s new, and project what’s next. In Part I, we focus on trends in Unified Communications & Collaboration, Contact Center and Visual Collaboration & Workspace. Learn several key initiatives companies can use to differentiate themselves from competitors to not only bridge the IT talent shortage, yet also help navigate a slowing economy.



NWN Carousel’s 2023 Sales Kickoff

The Sky is the Limit with Cloud Communications & Hybrid Work! We’re thrilled to have hosted our 2023 Sales Kickoff this week with our GTM teams attending virtually, and in-person, across the country at watch party locations in Providence, NYC, Charlotte, Biloxi, and Sacramento.   Our Limitless theme represents NWN Carousel’s commitment to pushing boundaries and […]



2022 Most Watched eXcellerate Webinars

2022 eXcellerate was not your average webinar series! The most-watched episodes of the year were about providing value for your business by embracing hybrid work solutions. Our #1 most popular panel discussion focused on transitioning MGM Resorts’ meeting spaces to Rooms-as-a-Service for scalable, affordable flex work areas. We also covered topics relevant to some of the largest state and local agencies in CA, FL, and TX with our device-as-a-service lifecycle support for PCs, and laptops, including critical endpoint security. Replay on-demand episodes to get real world hybrid work solutions!



December eXcellerate Recap

Overview Join to learn about next-gen HP/Poly and Microsoft solutions powered by NWN Carousel’s EMP that bring together home and office – setting the stage for a hybrid workforce! With NWN Carousel’s long-standing HP/Poly and Microsoft partnerships, we help our customers provide a seamless hybrid collaboration experience. To empower all hybrid employees, HP/Poly offers easy plug-and-play video […]


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November eXcellerate Recap

Overview Turbocharge your cloud environment with real-time visibility & monitoring! While the cloud provides agility, scalability, and resilience, it also adds new operational challenges. Turn over self-serve analytics, ticketing, reporting, and monitoring to your dedicated employees with EMP, a multi-technology management platform. Learn about the latest capabilities of EMP on our next webinar. Hear directly from […]