Common problems of today’s workforce and IT teams allude to dreams of having all communications on a single platform while meeting budget and avoiding the logistical nightmare of tracking who is using what for which purpose.

Unbreaking News: The Workplace has Changed

One factor influencing the rise of a new communications paradigm: five generations will be working side-by-side in organizations, each with different expectations and different ways of communicating based on how they grew up with technology. And social media- and tech-savvy millennials—who, according to Forbes, will comprise more than 75 percent of the workforce by 2025—are in the driver’s seat. To truly engage this audience, it’s critical to provide access to new, easy-to-use tools.

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Email is so yesterday. Social media will connect employees, customers, and partners for immediate communication. Advancements such as the shift to cloud, mobile, collaboration tools, and Internet of Things are changing how organizations operate, how employees interact, and how companies engage with their customers. Gartner predicts that to remain competitive, organizations must exploit this opportunity, and the time to do that is now.

Adopting the newest technology facilitates adaptation to workplace changes and directly impacts a business’s success and bottom line. As the end user now drives the majority of technology decisions in the workplace, companies need to seriously determine how to enable their employees by giving them the tools to communicate effectively, wherever and whenever they want on the device they choose.

And the upshot is that when cloud leaders work together to enhance usability and efficiency, everyone wins.

The Case for Cloud Communications and Collaboration

Cloud services help forward-thinking businesses compete, as business profits correlate with speed (time-to-capability), employee satisfaction, retention, and workflow integration (productivity). Cloud eliminates technology boundaries today and tomorrow. Do you realize how these technology trends impact your business?

Check out some statistics:

  • 70% of organizations are either using or investigating cloud computing solutions (AMD)
  • UCaaS/Hosted PBX market penetration is expected to grow by a factor of almost 6x across enterprise, midmarket, and SMB in the next five years (Broadsoft)
  • Smartphones and tablets put power in the pockets of 1.4 billion global citizens in 2016 (Innovapptive)
  • Communications and collaboration are merging, with Gartner predicting that “By 2020, over 90% of enterprise voice calls in the digital workplace will originate from collaboration applications, up from less than 30% today”

Many cloud providers’ shared mission is to deliver a seamless, user-friendly engagement model, so anyone can have secure, easy access to applications, documents, and productivity suites with a unified, streamlined experience.

So what’s the take-away? Modern communication and collaboration tools are the keystones to employee satisfaction, efficiency, and retention.

How do I solve this? Ask your trusted IT advisor. Share your top challenges and what solutions you have found to meet the needs of the modern workforce.