Blog | 05.12.2022

eXcellerate Cloud Contact Center Webinar Recap – April 2022

Every analyst, customer, and partner we’ve ever spoken with has echoed the same. Cloud contact centers have undergone substantial change as they strive to meet new demands from both customers and agents.

This month’s eXcellerate webinar focused on “How to Fast Track Customer Engagement in the Cloud Contact Center.” Attendees learned that to effectively shift from on premise to cloud, you must choose a partner, and platform, that can deliver product features, capabilities, professional services, and support with precision.

Andrew Gilman, NWN Carousel’s CMO, chats with Kevin Basden, VP of Contact Center along with special guest, and NWN Carousel customer, Joe Friedrichsen, Managing Director, BCBSRI. Joe walks us through BCBSRI’s transition from a disparate legacy on-prem system to a secure contact center solution that included intelligent, automated self-service features with a single source for reporting; reducing agent training and improving regulatory compliance. 

Cloud Contact Center Webinar Highlights

  • 10:00: Why BCBSRI moved from on prem to the cloud
  • 10:55: How to achieve agent happiness
  • 14:18: Key points on transitioning to the cloud
  • 14:48: Positive business outcomes
  • 20:00: Results after one week of implementation! 
  • 33:18: Improving CX with intelligent technologies
  • 42:42: Improving agent productivity

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Fast-Track Customer Engagement with Cloud Contact Center