Blog | 08.04.2022

eXcellerate Wireless Network Webinar Recap – July 2022

If you happened to miss our July eXcellerate on managing wireless networks with advanced analytics you can stream it now. This discussion teaches you how to optimize your performance for complex wireless designs, troubleshooting, and improved network efficiency. 

NWN Carousels Sonal Patel, VP Offerings, Advanced Technology Solutions, Jason Arnold, technical Lead, Wireless Networking and Arben Mustafa, Director of Solution Architecture hosted this webinar to cover specific use cases in higher education, healthcare, and K-12. 

Moderated by NWN Carousels Chief Marketing Officer, Andrew Gilman, we hear from Special guest Jim Galib, Deputy Chief Information Officer at Roger Williams University on how NWN Carousel helped to transform their Wireless networking capabilities on campus. 

Highlights included on Wireless Network Monitoring with Advanced Analytics

  • 3:11 – Why Wireless Lan is critical in todays’ environment.
  • 16:10 – Wi-fi 6 and the future of Wi-fi Capabilities for specific needs.
  • 20:00 – The types of Wireless Site Surveys and why they are important. 
  • 32:17 – Roger Williams University customer experience transforming their wireless network.
  • 49:40 – Managing your network Day-2 and beyond with expertise and sensors.

View the Webinar Recording