Blog | 06.30.2022

eXcellerate EMP Webinar Recap – June 2022

If you happened to miss our June eXcellerate on ransomware you can stream it now. This discussion dives into Managed Detection Response (MDR) and how to react when prevention tools fail.

VP of Security, Joshua King, at NWN Carousel spoke with guest Kyle Aumell, Technical Services & Cybersecurity Management at Samaritan Medical Center about his experience with Cyberattacks and threat detection.

Highlights included on MDR and how to adapt to cyber-attacks

  • 4:04 – What is MDR and how do you identify and prevent attacks?
  • 11:39 – Common challenges with preventing ransomware attacks. 
  • 17:02 – Kyle Aumell’s story of cyber-attack at Samaritan Medical center. 
  • 27:19 – How the Samaritan attack helped shape the integration of MDR.
  • 44:43 – Key takeaways of MDR and adapting to monitoring strategies.

Ransomware Has Nowhere to Hide!

Real life customer adoption of managed detection & response

View the Webinar Recording

You’ll want to view the recording, if you are:

  • CISO
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Security Systems Admin

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