Blog | 06.05.2022

eXcellerate EMP Webinar Recap – May 2022

If you missed our “tech talk” on the latest Experience Management Platform news, play it on demand! The release of EMP 3.0 enables ALL NWN Carousel customers with insight and analytics, across our core offerings, from a single unified platform.

Krystina Silva, VP of Offering Management together with Andrew Gilman, CMO hosted special guest and ServiceNow partner, John Chapin.

Highlights included the “art of the possible” with EMP:

  • Why Choose the Experience Management Platform 6:13
  • What’s new with EMP 3.0 across Avaya, Microsoft & Cisco 14:46
  • Visibility into different geographic locations including corporate or home 18:29
  • ServiceNOW + EMP – A Shared Vision 24:08
  • Next Step – Are you the right candidate for our EMP services 37:53

Enjoy a Bold New EMPowered Experience

View the Webinar Recording

You’ll want to view the recording, if you are:

  • Customer Experience Officer/Director

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Ransomware has Nowhere to Hide!
Real life customer adoption of Managed Detection & Response

Join NWN Carousel’s Joshua King, VP of Security, along with special guest Kyle Aumell, Technical Services & Cybersecurity Management at Samaritan Medical Center, on this webinar focused on threat detection and mitigation where they will discuss:

  • How to define & identify components of MDR
  • Real life struggles of Samaritan’s journey through a cyber incident
  • How Samaritan’s recovery shaped the planning and design for future initiatives
  • Lessons learned that your organization can immediately adopt