Blog | 05.14.2024

AI in Video & Voice Collaboration – All you Need to Know

By Brian Fichter, VP, VCW, NWN Carousel

In a dynamic showcase of innovation and collaboration, HP Poly and NWN Carousel joined forces to unveil the latest advancements in Video, Voice, and AI-based solutions. The workshop at HP Poly’s Experience Center, in New York City, provided customers with an immersive journey into the future of collaboration.

Session 1: Revolutionizing IT Offerings

The event kicked off with an insightful session on NWN Carousel’s transformative AI-powered offerings. Attendees were introduced to the key components of NWN Carousel EMP Managed Services enabling seamless delivery of systems, tools, workflows, and processes for better customer outcomes. We also learned about the benefits of end-user self-service video enablement via QR codes. Seamless integration with HP Poly platforms was also highlighted as a key factor in enhancing performance and efficiency.

Session 2: Synergy of Managed Microsoft Teams Calling

Next, attendees delved into the realm of Managed Microsoft Teams Calling with NWN Carousel. The session focused on helping customers navigate the migration to Teams Meetings & Calling, unleashing the full potential of Teams Operator Connect/Direct Routing as a Service, and showcasing HP Teams Certified devices.

Session 3: Understanding the Power of HP Poly + NWNC

The centerpiece of the event was an in-depth exploration of HP Poly’s evolution and core features. Attendees gained valuable insights into the AI capabilities of HP Poly, supported by NWN Carousel’s support via EMP, and experienced interactive demos showcasing integrated solutions across diverse scenarios.

Networking Opportunities

As the event drew to a close, attendees were treated to a recap of key takeaways and insights. Expressing gratitude to speakers, sponsors, and attendees, the event concluded with a call to action for further exploration of HP Poly and NWN Carousel solutions. Networking opportunities allowed attendees to engage with key executives from both companies to enjoy a rooftop happy hour.

The HP Poly and NWN Carousel event was a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in driving the future of communication and collaboration. Attendees left with a deeper understanding of integrated Visual Collaboration solutions and new inspiration to propel their organizations forward.

Explore the immersive world of NWN Carousel’s Experience and Collaboration Centers! Dive into the captivating journey by watching the videos showcasing the West and East ECC here.

NWN Carousel will tailor your integrated video and voice solutions to meet your specific requirements with the ultimate goal of delivering an exceptional end-user experience!