What’s your competitive advantage? What’s your key differentiator?

We hear those questions so often in business and for many, it’s a knee-jerk response to answer “client service.” But with so many companies touting client experience as a differentiator, at what point does it just become table stakes?

Using client feedback (be it through focus groups, Net Promoter Score, surveys) to shape the way in which you service your clients is different than saying you’re a client-focused organization. Put quite simply, it is how you capture that feedback and what you do with it that defines the level of your client focus and in turn, the level of satisfaction with your company. In the end, this type of approach needs to be more than a mission statement—it must be driven into the DNA of your organization through every person, process and product.

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Delivering the ultimate client experience is less about making sure we’re listening as a company, and more about ensuring the client—the IT business leader—is succeeding in their role. For us, that means two things: we need to bring clarity and confidence to IT decisions. With our depth and breadth across the entire IT stack—like security, networking, collaboration and data center—we can integrate a variety of technologies from leading vendors for a better user experience, as well as full lifecycle support through managed services. By serving as your advisor and partner, we bring assurance to your decisions.


IT today is a lot more complex than it was a few years ago. The Internet of Things has complicated your security programs, the talent gap has left you with little resources, and the cloud has already or soon will change the way you integrate your technologies and consume services. Needless to say, it can be difficult to be confident that you’re making IT decisions that will drive your business goals and enable your end users.

 In order to instill confidence and clarity into your decision-making, we at Carousel have instituted a program called “Powered by Feedback.” The fundamental purpose of this program is to provide a vehicle for clients to deliver feedback in response to open-ended questions—rather than being led down the traditional path of responding “yes” or “no” with more transaction-based questions. From this, we gather feedback not only about your experience in the process, but how we can better serve you—like through educational and training opportunities or new technologies and services. Through this focus on real experience versus mere responses to specific transactions, we begin to discover how to unlock the total potential impact and value of the services we deliver.

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Improving client experience is not a “one and done” concept; rather, it is an ongoing effort to change the way we work every day—driven by a passion to help our clients succeed within their own careers and for their companies. As part of delivering the ultimate client experience, we offer various educational events, trainings and roundtable opportunities throughout the year to network and learn new skills. It’s all a part of our commitment to help you confidently conquer complex technology solutions that drive positive business outcomes.

In today’s service-based business culture, we aim to become more than a trusted advisor to our clients. Our mission is to be an indispensable business partner and an extension of their own teams.