Companies must navigate a number of challenges when it comes to protecting their networks, devices, applications, and data. Fortunately, today’s hybrid cloud security solutions offer a powerful mix of scalability and control. Whether you’re worried about defending against malicious outsiders or plugging gaps caused by negligent insiders, a hybrid cloud can enable your organization to meet your security needs while staying within budget.

As you plan out your digital transformation journey, consider your data assets and what your security strategy might entail. The right hybrid cloud solution can empower you with top-level cybersecurity expertise, leading-edge defensive tools, and the flexibility to ensure your security posture suits your requirements even as your business matures.

What does hybrid cloud security have to offer?

Dedicated security resources for applications and data that need them

One fundamental advantage of a hybrid cloud environment is that you’re in the driver’s seat. You have the ability to get deep insight into your company’s security risks and identify those workloads, applications, systems, and datasets that require specific or unique protection measures. Some vulnerabilities may call for advanced levels of security to ensure your network assets are safe, while others may not need to be hardened to the same degree.

The need for security resources varies, not just from one company to another but among the various applications and data repositories within the same organization. Even within very small enterprises, a one-size-fits-all approach to security may not be appropriate. Organizations that operate in regulatory-heavy industries – healthcare and financial services among them – may need to (or choose to) apply specific security protocols over individual workloads, for example. In a hybrid cloud, you have finer control over how security is managed in each portion of your environment.

Access to leading-edge security technology

The costs to purchase the latest security technology can quickly add up and maintaining those platforms in the face of constantly evolving threats is also a spendy proposition. It’s beyond the budget of many enterprises to fund highly sophisticated cybersecurity initiatives. And though you may have the money available to put toward advanced security efforts, some state-of-the-art tools aren’t publicly available.

Established cloud solution providers often develop their own technologies or customize existing platforms, making them available only to their customers. With these targeted measures in place, hybrid cloud vendors can better ensure their environments are properly protected against threats. If your cloud partner provides leading-edge security services as part of your hybrid cloud solution, then you’ll likely have access to high-performing technology that’s more feature-laden and up-to-date than anything you could cost-effectively deploy and maintain on your own.

Support from industry-leading security experts

It’s difficult for many enterprises to have data security and privacy personnel on staff. Experienced cybersecurity professionals can be expensive to hire, making it a challenge for smaller departments to justify maintaining niche skills when all-around IT knowledge is often a closer fit to the day-to-day requirements. In addition, the cybersecurity talent pool has long been comparatively small. With an existing shortage of cybersecurity professionals already making qualified hires difficult to find, the global COVID-19 crisis ramped up pressure even further on an already lean talent pool. Gartner reports that demand for infosecurity roles in the U.S. rose by 65% in the first quarter of 2020.

Because cloud solution providers maintain environments that are expected to be highly secure, many of them have internal teams that include some of the most highly trained and experienced cybersecurity talent in the world. When you have a hybrid cloud solution from a top-tier provider, your company benefits from access to your provider’s internal knowledgebase and expertise far beyond what you can likely afford to keep on your own staff.

Flexibility to adjust your security measures along the way

The data security protocols your business needs today may be very different from its requirements next month or next year. A hybrid cloud solution provides you with the flexibility to evolve your data security posture as your organization matures. Need to leverage advanced security tools right now that aren’t practical to deploy internally? Your cloud partner can provide the technology to protect your data. Will your company expand its data processing efforts down the road? A hybrid cloud enables you to quickly scale your solution without diluting your security posture.

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