Blog | 06.13.2024

Instant Webinar Poll Analysis: NWN Carousel’s AI-Powered PCs: Empowering the Workforce of Tomorrow

Yesterday, NWN Carousel hosted a webinar on AI-Powered PCs and how IT leaders can efficiently and securely accelerate adoption of next-generation technologies into their workforce. The event brought together 211 attendees from various industries, who shared their insights on AI readiness, AI utilization, and the improvements they’re excited about in 3 polls throughout the presentation sponsored by Intel, featuring NWN’s Mike Patton, VP Device Offering and Paul Ethridge, Device Technical Architect.

AI Readiness: Where Do You Stand?

According to the webinar poll, the majority of attendees (34%) are still exploring how to utilize AI in their organization, while 9% are actively utilizing a limited implementation of AI. 1% are training and reskilling personnel to align with the future of AI, and 0% are aggressively pursuing and implementing AI.

Generative AI: Unlocking Creative Potential

When it comes to Generative AI, 25% of attendees use it for generative text, 7% for code generation, 1% for generative AI art and music, and 1% for other purposes.

AI PC Improvements: What Excites You?

Collaboration improvements and security improvements were the top two areas of excitement, with 26% and 26% of attendees, respectively, expressing enthusiasm for these advancements. Meeting transcriptions and content creation followed closely, with 8% each.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI is transforming the future of work, empowering employees and transforming customer experiences.
  • NWN Carousel is committed to making AI accessible to all, fostering a collaborative and secure ecosystem with it’s AI PC Managed Services practice powered by EMP.
  • The power of collaboration and reskilling workforces will be crucial in embracing the future of AI.

NWN Carousel’s webinar provided valuable insights into the current state of AI adoption and the exciting advancements on the horizon. As AI continues to transform the workforce and industries, it’s crucial for organizations to stay informed and adapt to the changing landscape. If you missed yesterday’s webinar, you can sign-up and view it here.