Blog | 05.30.2024

Impact of Low Earth Orbit Satellite on Public Sector

When disaster strikes, every second counts for rescue teams where communication is crucial. Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites revolutionize public safety communications when traditional networks fail, especially in remote areas. This was a hot topic at a recent California County Information Services Directors Association (CCISDA) event.

NWN Carousel’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite services, designed to support public sector clients in emergency or backup disaster scenarios, earned significant buzz at our booth. The demonstration of our LEO services generated several promising follow-up conversations, reflecting the high level of interest and need for such solutions in local government.

A Star Attraction

State and local government agencies understand that their residents demand quick responses to issues at any time, especially during emergencies. To fulfill this expectation, local government requires a network that leverages multiple ways of transport, offers high reliability, and ensures security. LEO has emerged as a crucial new option for agency networking.

By partnering with NWN Carousel, agencies can incorporate LEO satellite connectivity, seamlessly blending it with other network capabilities into a flexible, software-defined network. This integration ensures secure and reliable communications for all users and applications, regardless of location. This is backed by our world-class support and secure by design offerings.

LEO and UCaaS

In addition to LEO, our conversations at CCISDA focused on NWN Carousel’s Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). Also crucial for modernizing and securing government communication infrastructures. UCaaS offers scalable, flexible, and cost-effective communication solutions that can adapt to the dynamic needs of government agencies.

Leveraging State of California Contracts

Our sales teams also touched upon the strategic advantage of leveraging NWN Carousel’s State of California contracts. These contracts provide a streamlined procurement process for counties, making it easier to access our integrated cloud and on-prem technologies and services. By using NWN Carousel’s contract agreements, counties can enhance their disaster preparedness and response capabilities more efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Building Partnerships with Manufacturers

CCISDA also provided a valuable opportunity to connect with our strategic industry partners who help us develop offerings that give our customers’ access to the knowledge and technology needed to continuously deliver new innovation.

These connections pave the way for future partnerships, enabling us to expand our solutions and collaborate on innovative ways to meet the needs of our government clients. The synergy between NWN Carousel and our leading partners promises to bring even more robust and comprehensive services to the market.

Let’s Continue the Conversation

We are excited to continue the conversations started at CCISDA! We invite all those interested to book a meeting to explore how we can help meet your specific needs. Whether it’s enhancing disaster response capabilities with LEO satellite services or modernizing communications with UCaaS, we are here to support you.