Blog | 01.19.2023

NWN Carousel’s 2023 Sales Kickoff

The Sky is the Limit with Cloud Communications & Hybrid Work!

We’re thrilled to have hosted our 2023 Sales Kickoff this week with our GTM teams attending virtually, and in-person, across the country at watch party locations in Providence, NYC, Charlotte, Biloxi, and Sacramento.  

Our Limitless theme represents NWN Carousel’s commitment to pushing boundaries and reaching new heights in terms of aligning our Sales, Engineering, and Customer Success teams to deliver the best hybrid work experience to our 5,000+ customers.

With all the incredible broadcast content shared, exclusive to our 1,000+ employees and partners, the executive leadership team shared key strategies on how best to deliver boundless opportunity to our loyal customers.

2023 Focus & Vision Keynotes

Jim Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer

Jim set the stage and expectations for the event by forecasting our focus for 2023.

“We’ve always been a leader in cloud communications and with 74% of employers now offering hybrid work, it’s a limitless opportunity to provide our customers with the best solutions. With our differentiated offerings and new Experience Management Platform 2.0, we’re ready to help our clients become successful in 2023.”

Dan Tassone, Chief Revenue Officer

Dan acknowledged our top achieving sales teams and oriented the team to the work at hand by establishing 2023 Limitless common goals.

“I’m happy to report we saw a 190% increase in customers who adopted our integrated portfolio of 4 or more multi-offerings. That results in delivering a secure, Unified Communications and Collaboration platform that supports a flexible, hybrid workplace.”

Mark Moretti, EVP Sales Transformation

Mark interviewed two NWN Carousel account managers who have driven phenomenal adoption of all six of our offerings for two top accounts, The Hartford and San Manuel Casino. He also detailed the importance of relationship building with our leading manufacturer partners such as Cisco, Five9, HP Aruba, and Poly HP  to help drive customer success.

“With the help of my solutions architects I developed a customer success mantra for the Hartford. It was developed around identifying the customer and end-user experience. Our goal in creating a mantra is to solve for our customer’s pain points and deliver positive business outcomes.” – Jim Truscinski, Account Executive

“We wanted the Hartford to have an equity of experience in their conference rooms. We strategized with our SEs and together with Jim Truscinski’s long-standing relationship with the Hartford, we created a vision.” – Derek Hart, VP, Poly HP

“Our relationship with San Manuel Casino began with my understanding they were underutilizing some of their licenses. I was able to explain that NWN Carousel is an agnostic cloud communications integrator and we can help with cloud adoption focusing on business objectives.”  Marc Scasino, Account Manager

 Andrew Gilman, CMO

I reinforced NWN Carousel’s core values — to build and operate a world-class internal and external communications platform — that connects our people, community and customers around a common mission of: Transforming the Employee and Customer Experience. 

Jack Lodge, EVP, Customer Success

Jack established the groundwork happening behind the scenes to provide our customers with an enhanced Experience Management Platform with three support packages:

EMP Support, EMP Operations & EMP Lifecycle

These packaged offerings will bundle technology and licensing with implementation services together with EMP services to better manage the hybrid work experience through performance monitoring, proactive management, and meaningful insights.

“Our new EMP 2.0 will better help our customers address the hybrid work model and also address the migration our customers are seeing from premise based to a cloud based communications platform.”

Ben Small, VP, Renewals

Ben shared the limitless opportunity our customers will have with our new Sales Plays launching this month including Secure Hybrid Work Assessment, Next-Gen Firewall Upgrade, EMP 2.0 and As-a-Service Consumption Model.

“I think in particular our As-a-Service consumption model financing will be pivotal to our customers success in 2023.”

Andrea Morrison, SVP, Human Resources

As SVP of Human Resources at NWN Carousel, Andrea Morrison leads strategy and employee life cycle management including talent acquisition and development, diversity, engagement and employee experience. 

“We are building very clear and succinct pathways to develop career paths for our employees to not only attract talent, yet also help our employees reach their career goals.”