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Live Hybrid Work Demos at NWN Carousel’s Customer Experience Center

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“The Fire Within:” Women of the Channel Leadership Event

NWN Carousel sponsored a group of female leaders to attend the Women of the Channel Leadership symposium in Palm Springs, California. The event, organized by a panel of women professionals, centered around the importance of supportive leadership and cultivating healthy work environments. Read on for key takeaways on inspiring speakers and topics covered during breakout sessions.



NWN Carousel Marks Memorial Day with New Partnership with Massachusetts Fallen Heroes

The sea of American flags now planted in the grass in Boston’s Seaport Common symbolize the sacrifice of all those servicemen and women from Massachusetts who gave their lives for their country over the two decades since the attacks on America on September 11th 2001. The flags were set in neat rows by volunteers from […]


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December eXcellerate Recap

Overview Join to learn about next-gen HP/Poly and Microsoft solutions powered by NWN Carousel’s EMP that bring together home and office – setting the stage for a hybrid workforce! With NWN Carousel’s long-standing HP/Poly and Microsoft partnerships, we help our customers provide a seamless hybrid collaboration experience. To empower all hybrid employees, HP/Poly offers easy plug-and-play video […]


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November eXcellerate Recap

Overview Turbocharge your cloud environment with real-time visibility & monitoring! While the cloud provides agility, scalability, and resilience, it also adds new operational challenges. Turn over self-serve analytics, ticketing, reporting, and monitoring to your dedicated employees with EMP, a multi-technology management platform. Learn about the latest capabilities of EMP on our next webinar. Hear directly from […]


NWN Carousel’s Most-Read Blogs of 2022

Our most wildly successful blogs from 2022 were dedicated to engaging thought leadership, and technical content, as well as showcasing industry trends, and highlighting our best customer and partner events. If you want intuitive knowledge, along with insights from the tech industry, you should revisit NWN Carousel’s top blogs produced by experts who know about IT trends and care about giving quality content to our readers.



NWN Carousel Hosts First Hybrid Hub Summit With Fisher College

NWN Carousel’s Hybrid Hub Summit in Boston was a great success! Joining moderator Jon Chesto, business reporter at the Boston Globe were leaders from academia, healthcare, real estate and technology who examined the future of work and how it is reshaping the economy, educational system and our future. Summit panelists discussed how hybrid work has impacted employees including the effects of long commutes, recruitment and retention of employees, lack of childcare as well as improved quality of life issues for families. Learn more about the event from NWN Carousels’ CMO, Andrew Gilman.



October eXcellerate – Simplify, Streamline, and Secure Your Cloud Contact Center Experience

Our team of experts had a blast talking about the benefits of integrating leading software from Five9 with collaboration tools from Microsoft… along with trusted support from NWN Carousel! If you joined our October eXcellerate webinar, “Simplify, Streamline and Secure Your Cloud Contact Center” thanks for being there. If you weren’t able to attend, good […]



7 Best Practices for Microsoft Teams Rooms Design

Building a Microsoft Teams Room conference space requires looking at meeting rooms from a new angle! With many employees back at the office, at least partially, there’s a need to reimagine the workplace. Deploying a new meeting room enhanced for hybrid or a traditional in-office room requires carefully planned equipment and collaboration guidelines. Read on for Best Practices for Designing Microsoft Teams Rooms from NWN Carousel’s Visual Collaboration & Workspace Engineering Director, Robert Faulkner.



Boston-Based Hybrid Work Market Map

As companies continue to adjust to hybrid work there’s a list of office and home collaboration essentials that are a must. As you plan your workforce strategy, there are several key elements to consider. As a Marketing intern for NWN Carousel, the Hybrid Work company, I had the pleasure of researching organizations, including a few partners, in the greater Boston area that support Hybrid Work. Let’s go!



Hybrid Sales Onboarding: 6 Days to Action For New Hires!

Investing in new hire training pays off in the long run when you have a focused onboarding plan. Hear from our Director of Marketing Enablement, Krista Grande, how a sound hybrid onboarding strategy can jump start the sales motion in only 6 days. Read more on Krista’s blog.