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2023 Hybrid Work Tech Trends – Part I of II

NWN Carousel’s 2nd Annual Tech Trends Series explores the impact of emerging technologies on groundbreaking hybrid work innovations and business strategies. Our Offering Leaders share what’s happening now, describe what’s new, and project what’s next. In Part I, we focus on trends in Unified Communications & Collaboration, Contact Center and Visual Collaboration & Workspace. Learn several key initiatives companies can use to differentiate themselves from competitors to not only bridge the IT talent shortage, yet also help navigate a slowing economy.



NWN Carousel’s 2023 Sales Kickoff

The Sky is the Limit with Cloud Communications & Hybrid Work! We’re thrilled to have hosted our 2023 Sales Kickoff this week with our GTM teams attending virtually, and in-person, across the country at watch party locations in Providence, NYC, Charlotte, Biloxi, and Sacramento.   Our Limitless theme represents NWN Carousel’s commitment to pushing boundaries and […]


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Establishing School Safety . . . BEFORE it’s the law.

Special Guest Blogger: Mark “Fletch” Fletcher, 911inform, LLC with intro by NWN Carousel Deliver Safer Student Experiences with a Planned Technology Roadmap Establishing school safety that is truly next gen, requires IT leaders to build a comprehensive roadmap for public safety requirements for today and into the future. School security requires a thoughtful process, careful […]


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Hits and Misses From Our 2022 Tech Trends Predictions – Part 4 of 6

Technology changes so rapidly that it sometimes surpasses our best forecasts. Working closely with our customers to best align our offerings to meet their needs and expectations – our solution experts are in a unique position to accurately foretell market trends. Our popular blog series, “Six Technology Predictions for 2022”  focused on trends around Cloud, […]


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Hits and Misses From Our 2022 Tech Trends Predictions – Part 3 of 6

With the understanding that a digital transformation will only speed up for the remainder of the year, what did NWN Carousel experts correctly predict in 2021 and where did we fall short? This week, we review which trends in cybersecurity are important to security leaders’ priorities for cloud integrity, the necessity for a 2H roadmap […]


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Hits and Misses From Our 2022 Tech Trends Predictions – Part 2 of 6

Our popular blog series, “Six Technology Predictions for 2022”  focused on trends around Cloud, Data, Cybersecurity, AI, and more. Part 1 of our Hits and Misses Blog took a look at “the havoc at ports showing no signs of abating and prices for a vast array of goods still rising.” Most C-Suite executives spent 2021 […]


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Hits and Misses From Our 2022 Tech Trends Predictions – Part 1 of 6

Most C-Suite executives spent 2021 adjusting to the radical changes prompted by the events of 2020. In the first half of this year, as global supply chain disruptions continue and inflation rises, CIOs must continue to find ways to overcome delays in shipping and increased pricing for IT hardware, services, and talent. Our popular blog […]


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eXcellerate Wireless Network Webinar Recap – July 2022

If you happened to miss our July eXcellerate on managing wireless networks with advanced analytics you can stream it now. This discussion teaches you how to optimize your performance for complex wireless designs, troubleshooting, and improved network efficiency.  NWN Carousels Sonal Patel, VP Offerings, Advanced Technology Solutions, Jason Arnold, technical Lead, Wireless Networking and Arben […]



Key Moments from NWN Carousel Live Summer Events — Relive Here!

This summer, NWN Carousel held and attended signature live events across the country where we met thousands of customers and partners. Together, we discussed every topic relevant to Hybrid Work, as we accelerate digital transformation to the cloud. We also made cherished time for socializing and networking! Upcoming Live and Virtual Events Who would ever have thought that we’d miss […]



Adopt a Zero Trust Architecture to Help Secure Your Infrastructure

The threats facing companies today are more complex than they were even a few years ago. Ransomware, for example, used to be considered an annoyance. But hackers have upped their game. The latest generation of ransomware attacks have caused businesses and government entities not only significant financial harm, in some cases they’ve brought operations to […]