Blog | 04.20.2022

Reimagining Home and Office Work Environments

Enterprise Connectivity, Integrated Security, Devices and Visual Collaboration

Success working from home starts with robust, reliable connectivity and quality visual collaboration. For remote employees, the user experience can be challenging. Poor bandwidth, home workspace, device configurations and equipment can cause end-user frustration. Whether your employees are home a few days, and in-office the rest, they need reliability. It’s equally important to ensure they are fully fitted with the right technology and hardware.

According to TechTarget, “To date, many home workers have simply ‘got by’ using their existing internet connectivity, but this does pose both ongoing performance and cyber security challenges for many organizations. As home working models mature, we would expect to see increased investments in connectivity and security as remote access to systems, applications and data becomes the norm.”

At-Home Worker

Current State

  • Increasing demand for home networks and challenges for IT in supporting home networks
  • Competing for bandwidth with your family’s work, school and entertainment needs
  • Inconsistent and poor collaboration experience for home workers
  • Increased security risk with distributed networks

Negative Consequences

  • Increased operational costs to support home networks
  • Inconsistent user experience leading to reduced productivity
  • Unable to attract or retain resources that expect flexible work environment
  • Higher probability of security breach

Transform Your At-Home Work Experience

NWN Carousel’s new At-Home Essentials suite includes bundled internet connectivity, wireless access, security, devices, end-user support, as well as video conferencing endpoints for remote employees. It also includes Visual Collaboration Workspace solutions to elevate the hybrid meeting experience with high-resolution desktop cameras, face lighting and advanced speakers, mics, and headsets.

  • Ensure predictable costs
  • Improve operational efficiency & productivity
  • Reduce security risk & minimize disruption

Return to Office with Visual Collaboration & Workspace Solutions 

Hybrid work today demands a frictionless collaboration experience between teams operating in home and office environments. In a recent study by Frost & Sullivan, for 75% of home workers, this means upgrading their home working kits and for CIOs it means upgrading and reconfiguring 90 million office rooms to support hybrid work and collaboration – of which less than 10% today have video capabilities. According to industry analysts, the office meeting room solutions segment is expected to triple by 2024. With the latest trend of Return to the Office, a demand for video collaboration solutions for small meeting rooms and huddle spaces has increased. The need for high-quality collaboration solutions designed for small, distributed teams has grown. Not sure how to accommodate meetings for smaller groups? Consider switching to huddle rooms – private meeting areas that fit up to 10 participants – for on-site and remote collaboration and working across small teams.

Office Collaboration

Current State

  • Segmented workplace
  • Inconsistent collaboration between office and remote
  • Budget constraints
  • Poor communication

Negative Consequences

  • Employee fatigue
  • Bad end-user adoption
  • Homegrown collaboration solution that is ineffective  
  • Inconsistent and unpredictable costs

NWN Carousel’s Office Collaboration Room-as-a-Service (RaaS) suite is designed to enable flexible collaboration for small meeting rooms and huddle spaces. The RaaS suite creates comfortable spaces for informal or planned teamwork and enables effective meetings between in-person and remote participants. It’s a frictionless collaboration setup with superior voice, video, and sensor technology, creating a comprehensive portfolio of purpose-built room solutions. And, our RaaS suite comes with 24/7 virtual engineering and project management support.

Our next-generation room solutions, along with our professional services, offer optimized integration for Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams or Zoom. As an outcome, you can collaborate as if you were in the same room without compromising quality! RaaS office collaboration suite delivers a complete ecosystem of hardware, software, and support services to create a premium in-office employee experience.

Office Collaboration RaaS Suite Advantage

  • Better employee experience 
  • Equitable and consistent experiences for office workers
  • Flexible cost model enabling investments and utilization that drives best unit economics
  • Streamline communications