Customer Experience Center Grand Opening, Sacramento, CA

The center features real-life displays of integrated cloud solutions for hybrid workflows showcasing devices and easy-to-use visual collaboration workspace huddle rooms. This cutting-edge center gives customers the opportunity to explore and experience firsthand NWN Carousel’s solutions together with key partners HP Poly, Microsoft and Intel. The demos provide a deeper understanding of how to improve collaboration and productivity.


Hybrid Work

How cloud communications supports the new hybrid work model

Focused on transforming the customer and employee hybrid work experience for commercial, enterprise and public sector organizations, NWN Carousel provides integrated unified communications, security, contact center, managed devices, visual collaboration, and advanced technology solutions—all powered by the Experience Management Platform (EMP).


Hybrid Work

NWN Carousel Company Overview: Hybrid work solutions for a seamless experience

As more organizations adopt hybrid work models, there is a growing need for solutions that can seamlessly support multiple platforms and vendor environments, while also providing a unified and secure collaborative experience. Workspace transformation means your organization needs more than disparate IT solutions. With NWN Carousel, you gain a trusted partner with a portfolio of […]


Hybrid Work

Sustainability and Hybrid Work: NWN Carousel’s Path to a Better Future

At NWN Carousel, sustainability is central to our mission of transforming the employee and customer experience, and we believe that our approach to sustainability is closely aligned with the goals of our customers, partners, employees, and investors.

Hybrid Work

The Joe Andruzzi Foundation at NWN Carousel’s Third Annual Family Movie Fundraiser

In partnership with our key manufacturers, employees, and together with the generosity of The Joe Andruzzi Foundation, NWN Carrousel proudly raised funds to support the critical financial needs of families battling cancer.


Hybrid Work

The Rise of the Hybrid Experience

The majority of businesses (58%) are encouraging a hybrid return to office in 2023 and beyond. One of the biggest challenges of a hybrid model is ensuring a consistent experience for employees and customers alike—regardless of where people choose to work or interact with a brand. Nearly all organizations (99%) believe that employee experience (EX) is important to customer […]


Hybrid Work

Environmental Commitment with Renewable Energy

NWN Carousel and Ecogy Energy announce a new rooftop solar project expected to produce 6,000,000 kilowatt hours of electricity over the 20-year project life.


Hybrid Work

Secure Hybrid Work Assessment

Five Steps to a Secure Hybrid Work Assessment A well-designed Secure Hybrid Work architecture provides you with a solid foundation upon which your employees can securely conduct their work, regardless of their location or device, in a consistent fashion, ensuring the employee experience is not only secure, but also fosters productivity. NWN Carousel’s fixed-price, 5-phase […]


Contact Center

Unified Communication and Collaboration for the Modern Business

A new survey from ESG* and NWN Carousel sponsored by Cisco finds that the immense collaboration surge — driven by an increase in remote and hybrid work environments — has pushed companies to centralize workflows, efficiently manage projects, and facilitate real-time interaction between employees. Yet many of these platforms still lack the ability to integrate with […]


Group of people working over a wireless network

Hybrid Work

Immerse yourself in Digital Workspace Fundamentals

– NWN Carousel and Aruba Networks Businesses have adapted to hybrid work with the work-from-anywhere model. It is now more important than ever to redesign your office for hybrid work. This flexible work schedule has created stress points on how to manage employees on-site and remote to minimize challenges, boost productivity, and maintain engagement. Creating […]