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NWN Carousel’s Modern Work Assessment

This assessment is designed for anyone — whether you’re an executive or a professional in IT, HR or Operations — to quickly reveal where your organization falls on the Modern Workplace maturity model. Plus, gain insights and recommendations to start advancing along the path to solving key challenges in unifying the digital and physical workplace.


Experience Management Platform

Harnessing the Power of Low Earth Orbit Satellite Service

NWN Carousel’s LEO services leverage the most advanced satellite technology, ensuring unparalleled connectivity for users in remote areas and disaster recovery mode for emergency response and rural cities and towns. NWN Carousel guarantees high-speed, lowl atency internet access, facilitating seamless streaming, online gaming, video calls, and redundant communication.With unmatched performance, reliable reach, and world-class support, […]


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The AI-Powered PC Managed by NWN Carousel Starts Here

Step into the future of computing where a new wave of Personal Computers awaits. The PC powered by Artificial Intelligence is ready to revolutionize the way we work and interact daily. These next-gen devices are engineered to handle the complexities of AI, machine learning, and intricate computations right at your fingertips. Powered by Neural Processing […]


Experience Management Platform

Navigating the Microsoft Teams Licensing Change

A recent licensing change announced by Microsoft on April 1, 2024 has altered the modern work landscape. With NWN Carousel’s expertise and end-to-end support, we help customers realize the full potential of your UcaaS strategy to drive ROI. In times of technical transition, organizations seek trusted consultants to navigate complexities and drive successful outcomes. As […]



Palo Alto Diamond Security Provider

We are committed to delivering the most advanced cybersecurity solutions that provide effective, efficient, and secure technology services for the thousands of clients who rely on us. NWN Carousel has achieved Diamond Innovator status in Palo Alto Networks’ NextWave 4.0 Partner Program, recognized for our expertise and leadership in delivering cybersecurity solutions for the modern […]


Experience Management Platform

Ignite Innovation with Managed Microsoft Teams

Explore the future of workplace communication with NWN Carousel’s Managed Microsoft Teams Calling, integrated into your digital workplace strategy and powered by the Experience Management Platform (EMP). Quickly activate numbers and call plans, enjoying a suite of tools like managed Teams devices and cloud call recording, ensuring proactive management and security.


Experience Management Platform

Single Partner for Managed Cisco Webex Calling

Choose Managed Cisco Webex Calling with NWN Carousel Support Services for a revolutionized, integrated, and secure communication environment in your digital workspace. Elevate your organization’s productivity and collaboration—take the next step towards enhanced communication today.

Experience Management Platform

Managed Services: Keeping your operations safe from security threats

As an extension of your team, resources, and capabilities, NWN Carousel is a trusted managed services provider with solid security practices in place within our Experience Management Platform.


Modern Work

NWN Carousel Company Overview: Hybrid work solutions for a seamless experience

As more organizations adopt hybrid work models, there is a growing need for solutions that can seamlessly support multiple platforms and vendor environments, while also providing a unified and secure collaborative experience. Workspace transformation means your organization needs more than disparate IT solutions. With NWN Carousel, you gain a trusted partner with a portfolio of […]