Blog | 06.06.2024

Supporting Fundraising Efforts in the Communities where our Employees Live and Work

On June 5, an inspiring moment happened at New Bedford High School, a school located in an underserved community on the Southcoast of Massachusetts. The April Flower Scholarship, established in memory of Robert F. Nunes, was awarded to Abby Zhang, a top student in her graduating class who plans to major in chemical engineering at UMass Lowell.

This scholarship, created through the tireless efforts of Rob’s brother, Danny Alberto, Assistant General Counsel at NWN Carousel, and his family, honors Rob’s legacy and his dedication to education, especially for those who face adversity.

Rob Nunes, a mechanical engineer and graduate of Northeastern University, passed away in 2021. He was a man who deeply valued education and hard work. As children of immigrants from Portugal, Rob, Danny and their family understood the challenges and barriers of seeking higher education. Rob’s journey was one of resilience and determination, qualities he admired and sought to support in others.

April Flower Scholarship, established in memory of Robert F. Nunes, was awarded to Abby Zhang (L), a top student in her graduating class along with Gina DeMelo (R), President of the foundation.

In memory of Rob, his family founded the April Flower Scholarship Foundation. The name “April Flower” holds significant meaning, symbolizing resilience and the promise of new beginnings, much like Rob, born in April. The foundation aims to support students from New Bedford who demonstrate not only academic excellence but also the perseverance to overcome obstacles.

The first fundraiser for the scholarship, held at The Last Round Bar and Grill, Rob’s favorite hangout in New Bedford, was a tremendous success, raising $18,000. NWN Carousel’s donation of Red Sox tickets helped to generate support. This community effort brought together friends, family, and local businesses, reflecting the collective desire to honor Rob’s memory and support future generations.

Danny Alberto shared, “Our goal is to not only provide a one-time scholarship but to support selected students throughout their undergraduate careers. We want to ensure that financial obstacles do not hinder their educational journeys.”

This scholarship is a testament to the enduring impact of Rob’s life and values. It also serves as a beacon of hope for students who, like Rob, strive to overcome adversity and achieve their dreams.

For more information about the April Flower Scholarship Foundation and to donate, please visit here. At the heart of NWN Carousel’s organizational beliefs lies a deep-rooted culture of unwavering dedication to positive social impact. This commitment extends from our pledge to give back to the communities around us. For info on our corporate relations, visit here.