Blog | 08.18.2022

Hits and Misses From Our 2022 Tech Trends Predictions – Part 1 of 6

Most C-Suite executives spent 2021 adjusting to the radical changes prompted by the events of 2020. In the first half of this year, as global supply chain disruptions continue and inflation rises, CIOs must continue to find ways to overcome delays in shipping and increased pricing for IT hardware, services, and talent. Our popular blog series, “Six Technology Predictions for 2022”  focused on trends around Cloud, Data, Cybersecurity, AI, and more.

NWN Carousel’s expert forecasts struck a chord on most! By rethinking strategies from on-prem to cloud, reprioritizing IT spend from OpEx to CapEx, and honing collaborative efficiencies, we earned high marks for accuracy on our first half predictions.

Grading Technology Predictions for the First Half of 2022

The role of technology has never been more critical in keeping us connected. Hybrid work has created new opportunities for both employer and employees – yet the shift in work style doesn’t come without inherent risk.

What we continue to see is the intensified expectation for a unified, modern digital experience. According to a February 2022 Gallup poll of over 12,000 U.S. employees, approximately 4 in 10 workers are currently either hybrid or working entirely from home. With so many more hybrid workers, enterprises have moved the majority of their IT systems to the cloud, allowing everyone to have the same access.

With the understanding that a digital transformation will only speed up for the remainder of the year, what did NWN Carousel experts correctly predict in 2021 and where did we fall short?

Read on for Part I 2022 Recap Predictions. Stay tuned for future insights!

Visibility is Key to Digital Transformation

Our Prediction

Visibility into people, process, and technology is essential in 2022. It allows you to get in front of everyone, and every system, you are managing. This will boost productivity and help manage supply chain disruptions. Examples include collaboration and monitoring tools, cloud-enabled work environments for the hybrid workforce, zero-trust security models, and new remote support offerings.

Employers are reevaluating where they look for talent and where they find resources. Ensuring all components of your technology are integrated and work well together, allows for execution of a global workforce, easing the strain on staff shortages, while also enhancing the employee user experience. Hybrid work requires a user-centric approach designed around the worker. These challenges can’t be solved with a single product or offering.

“Our challenge is to help customers move from barely being able to support hybrid work – to empowering it. Our UC Offering provides a user-centric collaboration platform that leverages best-of-breed collaboration solutions and provides a seamless administrative and user experience – powered by our Experience Management Platform,”
Alvaro Riera
Vice President – UC, NWN Carousel

What Experts Say

According to a March 22 Likendin post by Dave Food, “Experts consider that hybrid-work strategies will play a significant role in promoting organizational Automation.”

“With the havoc at ports showing no signs of abating and prices for a vast array of goods still rising, the world is absorbing a troubling realization: Time alone will not solve the Great Supply Chain Disruption. It will require investment, technology and a refashioning of the incentives at play across global business,” said Peter Goodman, New York Times.

Our Score – A

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