Blog | 06.27.2024

Workplace Modernization and Employee Experience: Insights from our Newport Summit Panel, Part II

Last week, I had the privilege of moderating a lively panel discussion on Workplace Modernization and Employee Experience at our recent Newport Summit.  I was struck by the common thread that ran through the conversations: the imperative to put people at the heart of workplace modernization. It’s a notion that’s both intuitive and profound, yet often lost in the dialogue around technological advancements around AI.

One panelist’s words resonated deeply: “It’s people working with technology, solving business problems, in that sequence and that manner.” This is a call to action. By acknowledging the human element, we can unlock the true potential of technology to drive business outcomes and customer satisfaction.

But what does this look like in practice? For starters, it means breaking down the silos that often stifle collaboration and innovation. It means involving security teams, architects, and other stakeholders in the planning process to ensure a seamless and secure adoption of AI-powered technologies. As one expert cautioned, “Don’t boil the ocean… find those practical solutions leveraging AI, and that works.”

The interplay between employee experience and customer satisfaction is another critical aspect of workplace modernization. When employees are equipped with the right tools and training, they’re more likely to deliver exceptional customer experiences. It’s a virtuous cycle, where happy employees lead to happy customers. As one panelist noted, “If you take care of your employee experience, your employees will take care of your customers.”

Throughout the summit, the importance of a planful approach to AI adoption was reiterated time and again. This means understanding the business problem, identifying the right technology, and involving the right stakeholders to drive successful outcomes. It’s not about adopting AI for its own sake, but about solving real business problems. As one panelist put it, “Begin with the end in mind… understand what you’re trying to accomplish.”

As I reflect on this year’s final panel at the 2024 Newport Summit, it’s clear that workplace modernization and employee experience are intertwined. By prioritizing people, breaking down silos, and adopting AI responsibly, organizations can create a modern workplace that drives business outcomes and customer satisfaction. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this critical topic. Book some time with us to learn how our AI-powered technology solutions can empower your communications.