Joining forces to deliver NG911 solutions that can help you save more lives today.

NWN Carousel’s Experience Management Platform (EMP) integrated with Carbyne’s secure, cloud-native technology is revolutionizing how emergency services communicate resulting in faster more dependable 9-1-1 call-taking. EMP provides an extensive range of features tailored to streamline management tasks. Discover how our mission-critical contact center solutions will support your needs.

Cloud Native Platform: Resistant to Infrastructure Failures. Don’t let hurricanes, floods, fires, earthquakes, power outages, terrorist attacks, and other catastrophes stop your mission-critical operations.

Security: Government facilities are a target for hackers. In the last few years, nearly 1,000 U.S. government entities were attacked costing local and state governments over $18 billion. Leverage Cloud zero trust architecture to safeguard your data in a digital native environment.

Cost Savings: Quarter of million in potential savings by locating your callers faster, dispatching the right resources, reduce costs with a cloud-native tech stack, streamline record requests, translate calls in real-time and reduce staff turnover by improving well-being and retention.

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Harnesses the power of the cloud to provide a dynamic, scalable, rich media solution capable of growing with the evolving demands of emergency services.

Features and Benefits

Real-Time Video-to-911

From rescuing a kayaker stuck in the ocean, to saving a seizure victim improperly placed face-down, Video-to-911 is a life-saver time after time.

Real-Time Live Audio Translation

This revolutionary AI technology helps call-takers save time and money, reduce errors and support diversity. Aides call takers with translation when non-English speakers have difficulty communicating.


What if your caller is not able to, or not willing to speak aloud? Whether a burglary or an active shooter situation, maintain communication when it matters most.

Accurate Real-Time Location

Take guesswork out of your operation by knowing exactly where your caller is, whether for 911 calls, 311 calls, admin line calls, hangup calls, abandoned calls, and more.

Automatic Disaster Recovery

Keep your life-saving operations running no matter what – despite fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, and more.

“Integrating Carbyne’s NG911 solutions into our services portfolio is a strategic enhancement for NWN Carousel and a significant advancement for the wider public safety industry. This partnership empowers us to enhance how 9-1-1 services operate, increasing their capacity to handle emergencies and ultimately save lives. It not only strengthens and diversifies our product portfolio but also enables us to play a pivotal role in modernizing public safety through technology innovation”

Mark Moretti, EVP Sales Transformation
NWN Carousel