NWN Carousel and 911inform have partnered to champion cutting-edge technology solutions, ensuring adherence to Alyssa’s Law, Kari’s Law, and RAY BAUM’s ACT.

As a distinguished Cloud Communications Service Provider (CCSP) with a reputation for excellence, we are committed to assisting state, local, and educational sectors. Our strategic partnership with 911inform enables us to deliver a fully managed white glove offering through multiple contracts, including DIR TEX-AN. These comprehensive bundles seamlessly integrate a variety of technologies to cater to your specific needs.

Deliver safe and engaging student & administrator experiences with NWN Carousel’s integrated cloud communications & education safety services.

Compliance Solution Modules

Instant Cell Phone Notifications

Instant 911 call notifications from native caller.
(a) RapidSOS – is the trusted bridge between emergency response and the world of connected devices
(b) 150M+ – RapidSOS manages over 150 million emergencies annually
(c) 100+ – RapidSOS has integrations with over 100 public safety software vendors (e.g. Motorola Solutions)

Compliance with Federal MLTS/PBX Legislation

Detect, Locate, Report for Kari’s Law & Ray Baum’s Act.
(a) Collect and correlate information from any device that is able to detect an emergency event or condition
(b) Direct integration with public safety makes the information consumable and immediately actionable thereby increasing response speed
(c) Native support for E911 and Dynamic E911

Connected (Smart) Building

Connect-to-door access controls security cameras, alarms, strobes, voice controls, paging, facial recognition, gun shot detection.
(a) Bi-directional emergency response platform
(b) Integrating different software & hardware technologies into our Experience Management Platform (EMP)
(c) Advanced integrations with SIS/PBX, physical buttons/wearables, overhead paging, strobe lights

Experience Management Platform – A NWN Carousel Differentiator

1) Control, report, monitor, and support – all within a single pane of glass
2) Transform & modernize IT
3) Multi-technology, multi-tenant – Support existing on-prem technology while interoperating with multiple hardware and software vendors


Deeper discounts through aggregation
Standardized billing, support, and pricing
Multiple procurement options

Roberto Gutirrez, Operations Manager, Montgomery County, 911 District, Texas

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