In this session we’ll discuss how modern agile delivery and traditional project management approaches can co-exist to yield powerful results: realizing the best of both methodologies at the right time.  We’ll share how we infuse agile practices into traditional customer funded projects to optimize delivery and maintain constant business alignment and ways of infusing agile practices to optimize delivery, maintain constant business alignment, and create an environment where team members feel safe exploring options, “failing”, and fast-pivoting their way to customer delight.

Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Program Managers, Sales People, and Leadership will be exposed to practical methods for integrating waterfall and agile including:

  • What is Design Thinking and how you waterfall it
  • What is Appreciative Inquiry and how does it lead to better solutions and value
  • How Scrum, Kanban, and Lean enable teams to explore, fail, and pivot fast on their way to innovation
  • How PI Planning (aka Big Room Planning), plays into the project timeline
  • How to use Kanban boards, Sprints, Product Owners, Demos, Retros, and more to empower small teams within a large project structure