Carousel + Cisco cordially invites you to join us for a “Securing the Everywhere-Worker” webinar with a customized pizza of your choice on Wednesday, April 28 for an exclusive presentation on the Cisco Security solutions available to keep your workforce from getting into cyber trouble.

During our time together on this webinar, you’ll hear from leading subject matter experts about:

  • Protecting assets from malicious threats by leveraging key security solutions in a layered and integrated fashion
  • How prevention solutions such as Umbrella, Cloud Email Security, and AMP for Endpoints can help not only keep the “bad stuff” out but provide visibility wherever the endpoint may be
  • Simplifying “the search for bad stuff” with Cisco Threat Response and keeping an eye on the big picture with Secure-X
  • How easy it can be to go from merely identifying malicious activity, to mitigating the threat it poses to your environment

Once your registration is approved, a pizza customized just the way you like it will be delivered to you about 30 minutes before the webinar begins. We hope you can join us!