In the wake of the pandemic, we are increasingly immersed in a hybrid work environment. The remote work revolution that began in the early days of Covid has now morphed into hybrid work. This means that organizations have to be prepared to meet workers where they are, and that could be anywhere. Work is now a thing we do, not a place we go, so employees need the ability to be productive no matter where they are. Since 98% of meetings have a remote participant joining, security needs to be at the forefront of organizations’ agendas.

Partner - Cisco

In this podcast episode of eXcellerate, Chris Poe, VP of Security, NWN Carousel and Mark Stephens, Global Cyber-Security Architect, Cisco, discuss how security architecture must continue to evolve alongside the hybrid work landscape. 

Press Listen On Demand to learn what hybrid work organizations need to focus on, why technology integration is so important, whether firewalls are still relevant today, and how organizations are dealing with the shortage of cybersecurity workers.  Stick around until the end to hear Mark define the hottest industry buzzwords. Are his definitions what you think of when you hear these terms?

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • How the security space has evolved during Mark’s career [1:22]
  • The definition of hybrid work [11:41]
  • What hybrid work organizations need to focus on [16:38]
  • Why technology integration is so important [25:39]
  • How relevant is the firewall today [30:46]
  • How organizations are dealing with the shortage of cybersecurity workers [36:22]
  • Defining the hottest industry buzzwords [40:34]
  • Where to begin [47:37]