The AI-powered PC is set to transform our daily work and interactions. The jobs of knowledge workers, designers, and scientists will skyrocket!  These innovative devices are designed to effortlessly manage Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and complex calculations. With new processors at their core, AI PCs redefine multitasking, enabling remarkable levels of productivity and performance at your fingertips.

For businesses, PCs will execute AI models using private data locally, enhancing security. For consumers, AI PCs will offer expanded voice command and query capabilities.

Join NWN Carousel to discuss the new wave of modern workflows. From procurement, deployment, and lifecycle management – now adding the incredible innovation of AI to the PC – get ready for what Bill Gates predicted as “your executive assistant.”

Talk Track:

·      Why AI PCs and why now?

  • Refresh cycle & PC supply chain
  • Procurement, deployment, & lifecycle management
  • Real-life use cases for healthcare, enterprise & education

Gain invaluable insights on how AI-powered PCs managed securely offer extensive memory, powerful processors, and advanced solutions.