From universities to public schools, technology plays a critical role in keeping students safe. How can we both create and impose tighter security measures while adequately devoting resources and funding to the right solutions?

Technology experts from NWN Carousel together with our public safety partner at 911inform come together to address the overarching question that we all want answered: How do we keep our kids safe?

K-12, college campuses, and all public buildings must have a robust emergency notification system with multiple technologies in place so that facility admins can quickly communicate with emergency management in a life-threatening situation. While K-12 schools in the US have mostly advanced to meet the latest school safety laws — with modest success — colleges and universities, and some rural K-12 districts still struggle.

Join to hear Mark Fletcher, ENP, VP Safety Solutions, 911inform and author of the original Kari’s Law together with Unified Communications expert, Alvaro Riera, from NWN Carousel as they discuss the latest in school security.

Attend to learn about:

  • Access controls, visitor management & mass notification systems
  • Meeting mandates with ease: Alyssa’s Law, RAY BAUM’s Act and Kari’s Law
  • Leveraging existing legacy technologies, saving significant costs
  • Secure by design with integrated devices & wireless infrastructure
  • New $53M Cops Funding for eligible K-12 districts; additional grants


  • Mark Fletcher, ENP, VP Safety Solutions, 911inform, author of the original Kari’s Law
  • Alvaro Riera, Vice President of UC and Collaboration, NWN Carousel
  • Andrew Gilman, Host & CMO, NWN Carousel
  • Andrew Henshaw, VP of Emerging Programs, Learn Design Apply Inc.


  • K–12 Superintendents and Business Admins
  • School District IT Professionals
  • School Safety and Security Professionals
  • Higher Education Administrators
  • Those entrusted with ensuring the safety of school districts