Today’s manufacturers are competing with far more than just the local widget shop. Thanks to nearly ubiquitous Internet access and mobility options, savvy shoppers know how to surf the Web for a better deal. That means that they need to leverage concepts such as automation, scalability, coordination and response to streamline supply chain components and create efficiencies to remain competitive and thriving in the global marketplace.

How We Can Help

Our manufacturing solutions team understands how to turn change into opportunity, for customers around the corner or across the globe.

Enhance Supply Chain Collaboration

Take advantage of the latest tools on the communication and collaboration front to decrease costs, enhance speed and improve customer service levels.

Boost Client Satisfaction

By having better measures in place to track customer orders and inventory levels, you can enhance the client experience and optimize SLA performance.

Drive Down Cost

Utilize cloud-based technologies to drive down the cost of software, allowing small- to medium-sized companies to have a lower barrier to entry.

We had multiple technologies, platforms and vendors. We chose Carousel for our Avaya implementation because of their strength and expertise in this space and we kept them on to take us where we need to go.

Alan Bozeman Director of Operations and Networks, Caraustar
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