Between complex supply chain parameters and shrinking natural resources—not to mention intense regulation—companies in the oil, gas and energy industries have always experienced a great deal of challenge. This is only compounded by the fact that these businesses are often also saddled down by aging infrastructure and legacy technologies. Here at Carousel we offer custom solutions that address your existing pain points and, more importantly, account for your future growth strategy.

How We Can Help

Our deep technical expertise and partnerships with industry leaders allow us to bring you best-of-breed solutions.

Improve Risk Management

To ensure better management throughout the supply chain, leverage best-of-breed cyber risk management technologies to protect your network infrastructure at multiple points of vulnerability.

Enhance Innovation Via Cloud-based Technology

Whether you are looking to take advantage of a cloud-based voice, video, mobility or presence solution, our engineers can design a cloud solution that drives innovation so that your business can stay competitive.

Improve Collaboration

With your workers likely scattered across the globe, leverage our collaboration and visualization technologies to bring remote resources together across time zones for maximize efficiency.

According to Deloitte’s 2016 oil and gas industry study, 43 percent of oil and gas professionals across all sectors of the industry anticipate capital expenditure to rise in 2017, suggesting that a recovery this year is favored.

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