Experience & Collaboration Centers

Designing a Workspace to Boost Employee and Customer Engagement

Each flex space includes connected devices, secure networking, one touch video conferencing, inclusive camera and speech tracking with 24/7 support.

Your new collab space awaits you. Discover how to create a flex work environment.

Fueling a shift toward office layouts that promote engagement and inclusion.

We’re setting a national standard for organizations aiming to improve their commercial real estate while supporting modern work. Watch video highlights from our valued partners including Appspace, Cisco, Fortinet and HP Poly. Discover the advantages that our innovative designs can bring to you!

Partnerships Make Everything Possible.

Our Co-Creation, Huddle, Touch Down and Flex Conference rooms invite customers and employees to do their best work. Thanks to NWN Carousel’s close alliance with our Security, Devices and Visual Collaboration partners we are giving workers a reason to return to the office. With easy one-touch join meeting options, convenient room reservation features, and QR Codes for 24/7 IT support – at home or office – we are elevating the work experience.