NWN Carousel and Microsoft Team Up to
Serve Texas State and Local Government

NWN Carousel is an award-winning integrated Cloud Communications Service Provider (CCSP). We are very excited and committed to supporting state and local government here in Texas with our strategic partnership with Microsoft. As the winner of the Microsoft Partner of the Year 2022 for Teams Meetings, Calling, and Devices, we are rolling out a tailored program for you and your agency to take advantage of.

Microsoft Partner of the Year - Teams, Calling, Devices

TEX-AN Services Contract Awardee

NWN Carousel was recently awarded the TEX-AN Services Contract (DIR-TELE-CTSA-014). This agreement gives our teams the ability to bundle solutions to support your initiatives as they relate to communications/collaboration, employee experience, supporting hybrid work and much more.

NWN Carousel – Differentiators

1. Hybrid Work

Experience Management Platform (EMP)

NWN Carousel’s multi-technology management platform delivers a unified view into your whole environment – from core to cloud – offering advanced analytics, real-time insights, service desk capabilities, and proactive alerts as a single source of truth.

  • Procure DIDs (Direct Inward Dialing) available for assignment in under five minutes!
  • Deploy Teams Calling in 30 minutes for initial SBC integrations

Direct Routing as a Service (DRaaS)

Unlimited inbound calling – average cost savings of 50% when compared to other VoIP solutions

2. Modernize Technology with Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR)

  1. Our Room-as-a-Service (RaaS) bundle offers an OpEx solution with predictable costs
  2. Average cost savings of up to 80% vs. legacy on-prem solutions
  3. Buy back existing hardware (option)
  4. Our Experience Management Platform can support existing on-prem technology while interoperating with Microsoft Teams
  5. 🚀 Promotion: Earn up to $17,000 🚀 in incentives for your Microsoft Teams Room (📅 Hurry! Schedule your appointment!)

3. Compliance and Security

  1. EMP – Proprietary software with native support for Microsoft Teams
  2. Redundancy and all-inclusive industry-leading support
  3. Native support for e911 and Dynamic e911 while meeting requirements for Alyssa’s law, Kari’s law and Ray BAUM’s act

4. Managed Services

  1. Seamless transition from project management to implementation
  2. Access to EMP
  3. Enhanced monitoring capability of Teams calling via Graph API
  4. Event, incident, and problem management
  5. System administration
  6. MAC and functional system changes, i.e. Auto Attendant, Call Queue, User Admin etc.

Ryan Morris, CTO, Department of Health Care and Access Information

Program Benefits

Deeper discounts through aggregation
Standardized billing, support, and pricing
Simple and scalable with VIP incentives

🚀 Earn Up To $17,000 in Incentives 🚀

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