According to HR Magazine, companies that invest $1,500 on training per employee can see an average 24 percent more profit than companies who invest less.

Additionally, a study of 2,500 businesses done by ATD found that companies that offer thorough training generated more than twice the amount of income per employee over firms that offered less training.

Training for training’s sake, however, is not the end-all, be-all answer. The training that you provide to your employees needs to be impactful, meaningful and useful to their job; if not, it will backfire, leading to high employee turnover.

Like it or not, proper training is essential to the livelihood of any business. This includes effective training on new technologies implemented by your company. A new email systemcomputer networkcommunication and collaboration tools, even something as simple as new headsets for a phone system, can throw employees into a panic if they haven’t been properly trained on how to use the tech. How do you ensure that your employees are able to fully utilize the new business tech for optimal efficiency and productivity? Here are 10 best practices for training success:

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