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William Vigne

NWN Carousel

Sr. Director, North Sales


Company Location:
Boston, MA

Years In Current Position:

Years In The Channel:

Primary Business Model:
Managed Service Provider

Bio and Background:
I am an IT sales consultant and leader with over 15 years in the solutions provider space. I have spent my career providing cloud communications services and solutions to large commercial and enterprise customers, primarily in the Northeast. Specifically, I have focused on contact center and cloud solutions focused on improving and optimizing customer experience and delivering operational efficiencies to customers with differentiated, tech-enabled managed services offerings.

Direct reports:


What made you want to work in the IT channel?
Graduating college in the mid-2000’s, I had experienced how technology was truly endless in how it could innovate our world, business, culture, and society. I wanted a career would consistently evolve and be impactful. IT sales and consulting is certainly that.

What was your first job in the IT channel?
I was a sale rep for a global Contact Center Managed Services integrator and saw how visible the impact of CC services and solutions was for our customers. I worked for a focused and patient sales leader who taught me to listen and never be afraid to fail or stumble.

Describe your key accomplishments over the last year.
This year I was promoted to Sr Sales Director due to technology enabled services my team has positioned for our customers. My adoption of a value-based selling approach focused on customer’s key business outcomes was important in the decision to promote me to a position of leadership in the company.

How have you personally helped advance your company’s channel business over the past year?
I have helped to advance our business in several ways including hosting workshops for teams to help understand core value drivers and how they can use a value-based approach to change their own brand and position with every customer. I participate in our internal sales podcasts to discuss our offerings and the impact they’ve had on driving success and optimization. I was selected as the first speaker at our national conference to address the company on the impact we are making as a leading cloud communications provider and what it will mean for our future.

What innovative idea have you introduced to your company and what impact has it had?
I introduced my team to what is the ‘One Big Thing’ that I need to advance this week. As IT people, we are always running and focus on what’s in front of us. I’ve found that if we don’t slow down, it’s hard to tell if we’re making progress against our goals. By taking a minute to ask yourself, what is the ONE BIG THING I need to do before week’s end, and then hitting that mark, we can start to identify and quantify growth for ourselves and our business.

What are your company’s goals for the next year and how are you helping reach those goals?
We are supporting our customers tackle hybrid work and educating on the importance of the user experience and how a valuable a positive and seamless experience is to their customer’s success. Our Experience Management Platform focuses on driving out complexities and leveraging data-driven analytics and reporting.

What honors, awards, or commendations have you won over the past year?
For the 4th year in a row, I was a recipient of the Achiever’s Club for my success as a top-10 NWN Carousel contributor. In my personal life, I recently was nominated for and won the role as the President of my town’s youth hockey program.

How have you grown or developed as a professional over the last year?
In transiting from a role as an individual contributor to a manager, my focus has been on the development and management of people. The skills I honed as a Sales Executive — listening, following through, and being accountable — lend themselves to my new role.

What do you see as the biggest market opportunity for your company over the next year?
NWN Carousel offers experience in legacy and emerging technologies and opportunity to help our customers to manage multiple — and often disparate — communications systems. By focusing on desired outcomes, for their employees and customers, we will continue to help them simply how they manage the technologies needed to create that experience.