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The Edge reached out to several security leaders to hear about the new tactics they are employing to evangelize security in their organizations these days. Here’s what Carousel expert Jason Albuquerque added to the pot:

Make Use of Multiple Mediums

NWN Carousel, an IT and managed services firm, adopted an “omnichannel delivery” system for cybersecurity awareness and education, according to Jason Albuquerque, CSO and CIO.

“We now issue a twice-per-month cybersecurity bulletin to all employees,” he says. “It is all based on modern communications mediums — short videos, industry articles, emails, Microsoft Teams messages, and more — that are digestible and educational. This has been a godsend for us. Our staff are much more receptive to this type of content delivery.

Albuquerque says he plans to expand the program to include SMS messages by using contact center technologies, knowledge bases, and artificial intelligence to be faster and more targeted with the information.

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