As the year winds down, most security experts begin to set their sights on the months ahead. It makes sense because we should be planning for potential attack vectors and figuring out ways to protect sensitive data and networks.

But you can’t really plan for the future without understanding what happened in the past. The attacks of 2019 aren’t coming out of nowhere; they are building on the trends from 2018.

“While cyberattacks have become more unpredictable, three core principles remain true,” said Geoff Forsyth, CTO at PCI Pal. “Cyberattacks have evolved rapidly and unpredictably in the past year, but three core principles remain the same: Vulnerabilities are found in new systems and are attacked sometimes even before being discovered, old systems with known vulnerabilities continue to provide a glut of opportunities for attackers, and human error continues to be a reliable target for any malefactor.”

Here’s what security experts said were some of the biggest cyber trends in 2018, a show of how things have evolved, yet stay the same.

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