A few years ago, I first heard that hospitals and clinics were investing in hiring Chief Experience Officers (CXO) to focus solely on the patient experience.

It was an incredible validator that the days of patients solely choosing providers for strong medical prowess were gone. Instead, today’s patients are searching for reputable medical practitioners AND an unparalleled experience.

An article in Managed Care described the movement aptly: “Just as luxury brands like the Four Seasons hotels and Mercedes Benz make a point of pampering their customers, health care providers and insurers are looking to coddle theirs, and they’re hiring CXOs to make sure they do it well.”

In many ways, the very brands we’ve come to love—think Amazon, Zappos and Uber—are the very brands making our job as healthcare providers increasingly complex. Patients are exhibiting consumer-like behavior, comparing hospitals and clinics against everything from medical aptitude to price to quality of service. And it means that providers must do better when it comes to leveraging information technology to deliver the ultimate patient experience.

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