As seen on Boston Globe

Boston – December 22, 2022


NWN Carousel, an Exeter, R.I.-based provider of cloud-based communication services, has landed a contract to provide its “virtual cloud contact center” services, starting with a $10 million project, for the Baker administration through the state’s Executive Office of Technology Services and Solutions. The new MassVoice platform will offer state and local agencies the resiliency and functionality of a traditional customer service center, without needing to rely on in-person staffing. Neither the company nor the state agency said if any existing state call centers would be closed or reduced in size as a result of the contract. Curt Wood, the head of the state’s technology secretariat, said moving these state business applications to cloud services will improve the experience for customers and provide flexibility for state agencies in the future.

NWN Carousel executive Andrew Gilman said his firm plans to add people to its 1,100-employee workforce, but he declined to say how much. NWN Carousel also has significant call-center contracts with several other states, including California, Texas, and Florida. In Massachusetts, the company also provides cyber security services for the Massachusetts Water Resource Authority, and call-center services for the state Department of Revenue. NWN Carousel was created through NW Corp.’s acquisition last year of Carousel Industries, with the backing of private equity firm New State Capital Partners.