This article originally appeared in Channel Futures.

NWN has completed its integration of NWN Carousel, and the combined company is launching new and updated products and services.

NWN Carousel is now a $1 billion provider of cloud communications and infrastructure services. The companies announced their tie-up in May.

NWN Carousel says its Experience Management Platform (EMP) gives a business full visibility and control over the work-from-anywhere environment. It offers advanced analytics, reporting, a customer success center and security features.

NWN Carousel has technology expertise across unified communications and collaboration (UCC), secure infrastructure, data centers, networking and cloud solutions.

Andrew Gilman is NWN Carousel’s chief marketing officer.

NWN Carousel's Andrew Gilman

NWN Carousel’s Andrew Gilman

“Over the last few months, a key focus are was to integrate and extend the capabilities of each organization into our new combined offerings portfolio and launching the NWN Carousel brand that leverages our strengths and positions us to deliver the best cloud communications services for our 7,000 customers in North America,” he said. “NWN Carousel provides integrated offerings that drive business outcomes for our public sector, commercial and enterprise customers.”

New Offering from Carousel

From Carousel, the company added a sixth offering around visual collaboration and intelligent offices, Gilman said. NWN Carousel saw an opportunity in audio/video to support its customers in their hybrid work agenda.

“Those customers are new to the NWN side,” he said. “The NWN unified communications offering leveraged Cisco, but Carousel also has a strong relationship with Avaya. The integrated approach extends our capabilities by bringing EMP as a management layer on top of all our six core offerings.”

WN Carousel’s products and services are easy to buy, sell and use, Gilman said. That benefits NWN Carousel partners and helps customers deliver better business outcomes in today’s hybrid work environment.

More Opportunity in Hybrid Work

The combination provides significant growth, more resources, a larger customer base and greater opportunity in the $70 billion market in North America for the hybrid work transformation, Gilman said.

“We also can now deliver a breadth of offerings that can take organizations wherever they need to go to support employee and customer experience,” he said.

For the immediate future, NWN Carousel’s focus is engaging and supporting its combined customer base, Gilman said. It’s also telling customers how EMP can help accelerate their cloud communication priorities for the rest of 2021 into 2022.

Jim Sullivan is NWN Carousel’s CEO.

“The pandemic put many organizations in a challenging situation: an overnight shift from traditional offices to cloud-connected, distributed work environments,” he said. “Today, in only four months, we deliver on the promise of merging the two companies by offering the industry’s most complete mix of secure and effective cloud communications solutions to transform enterprises for the modern work-from-anywhere world.”