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The Baltimore Ravens are giving back to the community again after a collaboration thanks to wide receiver Sean Ryan.

Together with the city and a leading AI-powered technology solutions provider, the Ravens are bringing new STEM opportunities to young people in the Greenmount community.

An old computer lab is going to be turned into the first AI computer resource lab in the world.

The Greenmount Recreation Center hosted the first AI Athletics Day for the students who attend the center. They used computers to solve puzzles, perform pattern-based challenges and created stories collaboratively with help from AI.

“So, we have four different activities the kids go through to learn about neural networks using motion teamwork and unpacking very complex technology concepts,” said Andrew Gilman, the chief marketing officer at NWN Carousel.

“We’re introducing AI in the form of a workshop,” said Reginald Moore, director of Baltimore City Recreation and Parks. “Our 60 campers today will experience a two-hour workshop around what AI means, and how they can use it in their everyday life.”

The leading AI-powered technology provider, NWN Carousel, will help build the new lab. The lab at the Rec Center will have the latest generation of AI PCs — 20 of them at first.

“The lab’s going to have the latest-generation AI PCs, artificial intelligence-powered personal computers, which is going to open up whole new capability for kids to learn to code, to demystify what is AI, and, hopefully, the next great computer scientists will come out of this community,” Gilman said.

NWN will work with the city to design a curriculum for the kids. It was all Ryan’s idea. His adoptive parents helped with the technology.

“I told my parents and my team when I got a shot at the NFL, the first thing I wanted to do was to give back to the community, find a way to put it back into the community. My name will last forever, and my impact on my culture,” Ryan said.