I travel here and there in my role to AV industry events, but certainly nowhere near as often as those who work in sales and business development. I saw my dad spend two out of every three weeks on the road when I was a kid and that life never interested me, although some of you out there love most of it.

We’ve all seen that every association, manufacturer and group in the pro AV space has launched its own event as a way of better connecting with its customers and partners.

In fact, as I was moderating a Total Tech Summit session this morning on profitability secrets in this industry, Tech Decisions’ Jonathan Blackwood was attending the NWN Carousel AlwaysOn Technology Symposium, an event I’ve covered for the last several years, but couldn’t do without a lot of planning and technology involved.

Although the host organizations often pay the freight for media folks like myself to attend these AV industry events—figuring they get their money’s worth by me writing about the sessions—most attendees aren’t as lucky and have to fork over hundreds of dollars for the privilege of going.

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