June 24, 2024 — Boston, MA — NWN Carousel will host a transformative event at the Greenmount Recreation Center in Baltimore, MD to launch the Sean Ryan Communities of Care Initiative. This cause, a collaboration between Sean Ryan of the Baltimore Ravens, NWN Carousel—a leading AI-powered technology solutions provider— knowledge partner Intel Corporation, and Baltimore City Recreation & Parks aims to bridge the digital divide and provide opportunities for youth through the establishment of an AI Computer Resource Lab.

Event Overview

The event, titled “AI Athletics – Sean Ryan’s Communities of Care Initiative,” will feature a groundbreaking ceremony for Greenmount’s new AI-powered PC lab. The lab, designed and funded by NWN Carousel and Intel, will be equipped with the latest and most advanced AI PCs. These powerful tools are intended to serve thousands of youth in the Greenmount East community, fostering digital inclusion, workforce development, and student engagement. Work on the lab will begin summer of 2024.

The Baltimore Ravens and other partners will also lead over 40 local youth through interactive activities and AI workshops with the latest generation of AI PCs. Sean Ryan, alongside his adopted father and mentor, Michael Greenbaum from NWN Carousel, will share his personal story of perseverance and love. Their narrative aims to inspire the community and highlight the transformative potential of technology.


  • 12:00 p.m. – 12:20 p.m.: Speechs & Groundbreaking of the AI-Powered PC Lab
  • 12:30 p.m.: AI Athletics Workshop, where over 40 local youth will engage in interactive activities and AI workshops using the new AI PCs.
  • 2:00 p.m.: Conclusion of the event
  • Lunch will be provided by NWN Carousel, and the Baltimore Ravens will distribute team swag to participants.

Speakers and Guests

The event will feature speeches from key figures, including:

  • Reginald Moore, Executive Director of Baltimore City Recreation & Parks
  • Andrew Gilman, Chief Marketing Officer, NWN Carousel
  • Sean Ryan, Wide Receiver, Baltimore Ravens
  • Michael Greenbaum, Sean Ryan’s adopted father and NWN Carousel employee
  • Anshul Sonak, Global Director of Digital Readiness Programs & Strategy at Intel Corporation
  • Honorary City Dignitaries
  • Baltimore Ravens players

Objectives and Impact

The primary goal of the Sean Ryan Community of Cares Initiative is to empower youth from those from underserved backgrounds by providing consistent access to innovative technology. This initiative focuses on:

  1. Education Advancement: The AI lab will offer programs on AI, coding, and robotics, inspiring curiosity and fostering a passion for STEM fields among the youth.
  2. Digital Inclusion: With a significant portion of the community lacking internet access, the AI lab will bridge this gap by providing high-speed internet connectivity and essential digital skills training.
  3. Workforce Development: Training programs and workshops on AI and technology will equip residents with the skills needed to thrive in the digital economy. Partnerships with local businesses will facilitate internship opportunities and job placements.
  4. Reducing Absenteeism: Engaging educational experiences and mentorship programs will encourage regular attendance and academic success among students.

Community Needs and Profile

Greenmount East, home to 8,184 residents, faces significant socio-economic challenges. With a median household income of $31,580, a high child poverty rate of 42.2%, and 27.3% of households lacking internet access, the community stands to benefit immensely from this initiative. Educational attainment is also a concern, with 22.1% of adults lacking a high school diploma or GED. The AI lab aims to address these issues by providing vital resources and opportunities for academic and personal growth.

First of Many Digital Equity Initiatives

The establishment of the AI Computer Resource Lab at the Greenmount Recreation Center represents a transformative opportunity for the Greenmount East community. By investing in education, digital inclusion, workforce development, and student engagement, the Sean Ryan Community of Cares Initiative aims to create a more vibrant, resilient, and prosperous future for all residents. This collaborative effort, led by NWN Carousel with support from knowledge partner Intel and other collaborators, exemplifies a commitment to addressing the needs of underserved communities and fostering a more equitable future.

Supporters are encouraged to join this initiative and help empower the next generation of leaders by bridging the technology gap for Baltimore’s youth. Together, we can make a significant impact and ensure that every child has access to the tools they need to succeed.

Media Contact: Sara Rooke, Regan Communications, srooke@regancomm.com