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This month’s focus is on Trends in the Consumption of Technology.

The Next Evolution of Unified Communications with RingCentral

RingCentral empowers modern businesses with Collaborative Communications to deliver an all-in-one user experience that changes the way people communicate, share content, and manage projects- all with the goal to get more work done with less effort.

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What’s on the Menu?

If the consumption of technology is anything like the consumption of a wonderful meal, then it stands to reason we should see trends that support that theory, and you know what? We do!

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Contributor: CI Instruments

Avaya Announces Results of First Annual Hospitality Market Trend Survey

Avaya announced the findings of its first annual Hospitality Industry Survey[1], where (72) global hotel brands identified market trends and room for improvement. With quality of guest experience as the biggest driver of bookings, Avaya technology creates a more personalized, mobile, digital experience that feels like luxury to guests, while lowering costs for providers.

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Contributor: Avaya

Start building a mobile collaboration strategy for your organization

A workplace isn’t any one place—not anymore. The reason: more and more companies are embracing mobile technology as an essential workforce asset. Thanks to the evolution and widespread use of mobile technologies such as Wi-Fi, messaging, videoconferencing, and virtual workspaces, what matters most is not place, but purpose. Still, it’s not enough to simply equip individuals with these technologies if you want them to be more productive and more collaborative; you need to foster a culture of collaboration.

Ready to learn how to start building a mobile collaboration strategy for your organization?

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Contributor: Plantronics

The Fast Track to SANS Security: Implementing Critical Security Controls with ForeScout

Organizations continue to struggle with effectively securing their IT environments. IT teams are increasingly adopting security frameworks that prescribe to and prioritize core sets of essential controls, such as the Center for Internet Security’s Critical Security Controls (CSCs). This paper examines how ForeScout solutions can simplify and expedite a successful CSC implementation.

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Contributor: ForeScout

What Does Network Functions Virtualization Mean for Online Service Delivery?

Customers are seeking the advantages of cloud-based services for all areas of business functions including real-time voice, video, and unified communications. We spoke with Mykola Konrad, VP of Product Management and Marketing at Sonus to discuss Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) technology and how it impacts online service delivery.

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Contributor: Sonus

How Our Use of Tech is Impacting Learning

Technology is everywhere. In fact, it’s often at our fingertips. We have access to information and learning opportunities more easily than ever before. The prevalence of technology in our lives has transformed how we learn and the ways we are educated. Technology allows learning to become a part of our daily routine, provides easier access to quality education, transforms classrooms, and has revamped learning into a true life-long experience.

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Contributor: Verizon

UC Disruptions and Disruptors

Shortly after attending Avaya Engage 2017, Hardy Myers of AVST sat down with industry expert Phil Edholm of PKE Consulting to discuss the developing trends, disruptions, and disruptors in the communications technology marketplace.

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Contributor: AVST

The Most Effective Ways Corporate Video Can Engage Employees

Have you begun using video to better engage, educate, and inspire your teams at work? Are your employees finding that they’re overwhelmed by the sheer volume of content that’s coming their way?

Read our latest blog post to learn the most effective ways to use video for your corporate content.

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Contributor: Haivision

Remote Access to Corporate Unified Communications

Workers today don’t just clock in and clock out – they work whenever and wherever they need to, to get the job done. This means that they need to be able to leverage the tools enabled by their corporate Unified Communications (UC) solution even when they are working remotely. Accessing the corporate UC system from off-site, however, can impact how they access public safety in an emergency.

Read on to learn how off-site users can still get the E9-1-1 support they need when using corporate UC tools from a remote location

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Contributor: West Corporation

One-Size-Fits-All Communications Are Over

The days of one-size-fits-all communications are over. Unlike many traditional carriers, IntelePeer puts the control back in our customers’ hands with flexible and reliable solutions. From sales engagement to custom solution design, our team of experts is with you every step of the way to ensure you have the best fit for your communication needs.

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Contributor: IntelePeer

Trends in the Consumption of Conferencing Technology

Technology is rapidly changing, as are the ways we use and consume it. As the technology behind conferencing has advanced, so have the trends of how and why it is used in different business settings.

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Contributor: Sonexis

Three Network Security Capabilities Organizations Should Implement to Stay Secure

Today’s technology is pervasive, and recent IoT-based attacks have revealed the volume and ease by which billions of devices can be weaponized and used to disrupt the digital economies of entire countries and millions of users.

Learn more about the strategic network security capabilities organizations should implement to stay secure.

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Contributor: Fortinet

Trends in Migrating to an IP Mass Notification Solution

Many organizations are choosing to upgrade their “tried and true” loudspeaker paging equipment to accommodate their requirements for mass notification and emergency notification.

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Contributor: Valcom

The technology space is changing at warp speed and consumption habits are evolving at every turn.

As users, we look for high quality technologies that feature an intuitive interface and are available at an affordable price.  These consumer demands translate into the work place and how we collaborate.  With AudioCodes’ Huddle Room Solution (HRS), you can turn any space into a meeting space.  Transform your office into a professional meeting space with a high quality audio solution in a powerful and cost-effective package that is simple to operate and manage.  Available in 3 sizes, the HRS solution offers full integration with Skype for Business and centralized management and control to lower operational costs.

Get full details on this innovative solution and transform your conference experience.

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