F5 Networks built its business on Application Delivery Networking, becoming a global leader in app delivery services.

Since then, they’ve become a world player in delivering applications, faster, smarter, and safer, across any environment. As application technology advances, so does F5, with a mission to provide any app, anywhere.

The company’s hardware, software, and virtual solutions help organizations address the relentless growth of voice, data, and video traffic to better support workers and applications—in the data center, the network, and the cloud. F5’s extensible architecture provides application optimization, security for applications and the network, and enhanced application reliability.

The world’s largest businesses, service providers, government entities, and consumer brands rely on F5’s intelligent services framework to deliver and secure their applications and services while ensuring people stay connected. The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with offices worldwide.

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Key offerings

BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager:

  • #1-Rated Load-Balancer for 14 straight years per Gartner Group
  • Very granular application performance, analytics, and reporting
  • Complete SSL/TLS-Offload and “Health Monitoring” for Application Performance

Access Policy Manager:

  • Identity Federation, Single-Sign-On(SSO), SAML(iDP/SP), Multi-Factor integration, and Secure Remote Access in one solution
  • Native VDI Proxy support for Citrix, VMWare, and Microsoft
  • Comprehensive end-point inspection of clients before access is allowed.
  • ICSA Labs Certified SSL VPN.
  • Microsoft ADFS Proxy support… No more WAP servers needed !

Advanced WAF:

  • Top rated Web-Application-Firewall (WAF)
  • Web Exploit Protection – “Zero-Day” and known attacks, including SQL Injection,
    Cross-site Scripting, DOS and DDOS, Cookie Poisoning, OWASP Top 10, and more…
  • Advanced Behavior Analysis for Layer-7 DoS protection
  • Secure Clientside using DataSafe
  • Security Subscription Services – Threat Campaigns, Stolen Credentials, Mobile
    Anti-Bot SDK

SSL Orchestrator

  • “Centralizes” your SSL management and visibility into SSL traffic
  • Provides better availability and utilization of your other security solutions
  • Dynamically chain services together based on context-based policies
  • URL Filtering subscription available