Ordr makes it easy to secure every connected device, from traditional IT devices to newer and more vulnerable IoT, IoMT, and OT.

Ordr Systems Control Engine uses deep packet inspection and advanced machine learning to discover every device, profile its risk and behavior, map all communications and protect it with automated policies. Organizations worldwide trust Ordr to provide real-time asset inventory, address risk and compliance and accelerate IT initiatives. Ordr is backed by top investors including Battery Ventures, Wing, and TenEleven Ventures. For more information, visit www.ordr.net and follow Ordr on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Key Offerings

  • Asset Discovery
    • Pain point: Everything today with asset management is hard and incomplete. The work is manual, point in time, information resides in different places, teams, tools, lines of business, etc. We do not trust the CMDB. Our CMDB is incomplete and has been for years. The quality of the content is getting worse, not better. COVID has further complicated this with many more devices leaving the organization that may never come back. We need a continuous source of truth to understand all of our assets – IT, OT, IoT, IoMT, 3rd Party, Data Center and what they are doing, who’s asset it is, where they are deployed, and if they pose a security threat to the organization.
  • NAC Augmentation – complement and accelerate your NAC deployments
  • Compliance – Address NIST CSF framework as well as address security of PHI, PCI, PII data on devices, PCI audit, CMCC
  • Zero Trust – Granular segmentation that enables security of connected devices without impacting enterprise network
  • Threat Detection– identification of high-risk devices that are behaving abnormally or have vulnerabilities , weak certificates associated with them
  • Device Utilization – Understand which devices are being utilized to its full capacity. Identify devices that the IT team may not be aware of. Under utilization and over utilization, when is it being used, when do you do maintenance on it (Medigate calls this device insights)